Management is doing things right, leadership is doing the right things

Is that the reason you want to join a management program - do things right and subsequently when you blossom – do the right things? Are you doing management because you think you have the right personality to occupy a large suede chair in the corner room of a plush office?

March 10, 2014 11:23 IST | India Infoline News Service

Isthat the reason you want to join amanagement program - do things rightand subsequently when you blossom – do theright things?  Are you doingmanagementbecause you think you have the right personality to occupy alarge suede chairin the corner room of a plush office? Or you want tobe part of the trend andjoin the MBA bandwagon? Whatever might be thereason, now that you have decidedto join a Business School and become anaspirant. There are certain important things you need to bear in mind:


  1. Beforeyou get started it is important that you decide to give yourselfcompletely. Throw yourself into the MBA well and swim the tide. Themore you learn in these two years the better. Learning will not onlycome from your curriculum that would sharpen your theoretical skills.But also from your professors (many of them might have had someindustry experience and can give you some real life insights), but alsofrom visiting faculty and guest speakers who would definitely be fromsome company and can add a lot of value to your course. Learning canalso come from pears. The class will be a very heterogeous sort i.e.each one of you would have had a different background. There will beengineers, doctors, BComs (with a CA), BSc’s etc. Unlike yor graduationclass where everybody had passed a XIIth grade with some decentpercent. There will hence be a lot of things that your peers wouldteach you. Keep all your sensory organs in tip top shape and use themcompletely.
  2. Read,read and read. It is pertinent that you read well and correct stuff. Atintin would not help you but a business India definitely would. Thisis needed to do well in your GD and PI. GD can have very easy, veryweird, and very complicated topics and reading whatever you can layyour hands on can surely help. Right from recession, to swine flu, toMaharashtra governments policy of inducting 10% minorities in itspolice force to India and her future in world economy. It can beanything.
  3. Workon yourselves. Know your selves. Do your SWOT analysis – StrengthsWeakness, Opportunities and Threats analysis. Sharpen on your strengthsand work on your weaknesses. Understand your opportunities and prepareyourself to face the threats. Your PI would broadly be based on you andit is important that you know yourselves first.
  4. Decidea career goal and chase it. Map your personality to the demands of eachspecialisation and only then choose it. Meet people from yourneighborhood, family, friends etc and talk to them about theirexperiences and internalize what they say. Draw a timeline graph ofyour career and hence your life. Check it every few months and see ifyou are treading on the chosen path. Never give up.
  5. Havean Idol. You can have many also. Having an idol is like having someoneto show light to you 24 x 7. Every life can teach you, every personaround you has a lesson for you. Grasp it and learn it.

 All the Best and remember only you canmake or break your life; nobody else can!!!!

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