5 Reasons Why Your Portfolio is not Performing Well

Although the possibility of a portfolio performing well is higher, there have been cases when the portfolio did not really perform as well as it was expected.

Aug 25, 2018 06:08 IST India Infoline News Service

Keeping up with a monthly budget has become a task for the common man as the prices of commodities and services are always on the rise. To beat this, many people either do overtime or consider alternate sources of income to meet their daily expenses.

One of the most sought-after income prospects today is investing in the stock markets. Although the possibility of a portfolio performing well is higher, there have been cases when the portfolio did not really perform as well as it was expected.

If you too are in the same spot and think that your portfolio is not performing well, here are the five possible reasons that could be behind it.

1.  Higher Internal Expenses: A big reason for the under-performance of any portfolio is the higher internal expense in the form of maintenance and other charges and fees. Since you pay a high amount as fees, your profit margin naturally becomes lesser. Though the quantum of these fees is not visible at first glance, a closer look would show how much you are actually spending on maintenance charges and fees.
Discount brokerages charge a flat fee for any transaction despite the volume as opposed to regular brokerages that charge a percentage of the volume transacted. This directly increases the returns you would get from a profitable trade. To ensure better performance and optimized returns, you could ensure that your portfolio has a lower maintenance cost. This way you could ensure a better margin on the profit made on the investment.
2.  Unrealistic Expectations: It is good to have high expectations, but not always, as such expectations can sometimes turn out to be too unrealistic. And in such cases, i.e. when you set unrealistic expectations, one starts to believe that their portfolio is underperforming. Also, this increases the chances of you investing in securities which are not doing well in a state of panic.
Thus, for the portfolio to perform better, having realistic expectations which could get fulfilled over time is very important.
3.  Keeping Stringent Deadlines: It is very important to know your timelines, especially while investing. Sometimes, the urge to get quick results makes us set very narrow deadlines that are hard to meet. A shorter deadline results in the portfolio underperforming. Consider this, a fruit plucked before it ripens doesn’t bear the expected taste and sweetness; in a similar manner, when a portfolio has a very short deadline, it doesn’t perform well.
To ensure a good performance, give your portfolio a better deadline.
4.  Make Diligent Investment Decisions: At times, making hasty decisions can result in causing blunders that could subsequently cause the portfolio to underperform. When opting for a portfolio, it is important to make diligent investment-related decisions so that the consequences are in your favor.

To ensure a well-performing portfolio, make your decisions wisely and only after conducting due research and analysis.
5.  Incorrect Evaluation: Evaluating a portfolio before investing is important to ensure that it performs well. If you make a blunder while evaluating the portfolio, then the chances of it not performing well become higher.
To ensure better performance, evaluating a portfolio beforehand is important.

It is due to these five reasons that your portfolio might not be performing well despite everything else being in place. By making a few changes, you can optimize your portfolio’s performance and ensure that it gives expected returns. Always remember, if you are unsure about an investment, consult a professional financial advisor before making your move.

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