How AAA is better than any other such program for individuals?

Here are 10 important USPs of AAA captured for your benefit.

Aug 11, 2021 04:08 IST India Infoline News Service

The Advisor Anywhere Anytime (AAA) program of IIFL Securities is not just rich in features and favourable to the advisor, but the AAA Advisor program is also the best among the various options available to you. Before we do AAA program comparison with other similar products to understand the USP of AAA, let us understand what this AAA program is all about.

Here are 5 AAA features you must keep in mind
  • AAA program offers simple advisor onboarding and client onboarding
  • The AAA program is fully digital in concept, execution and evaluation
  • AAA offers rich content, learning and training modules via multiple delivery channels
  • AAA is financially enriching for the advisor as it creates long-term trail flows
  • The AAA program is a one-stop answer including execution, monitoring and acquisition
Having seen the AAA features, let us move on to the unique selling proposition (USP) underlying the AAA program and what exactly sets it apart from competition. The AAA program is intended to be the gold standard available to franchisees.

Ten features that set the AAA program apart from competition

There is a long list of features that set the AAA program as distinct from competition. Here are 10 important USPs captured for your benefit.
  1. AAA platform is like a one-stop shop. The Multi-Product Offering ensures that whatever your financial need or goal, there is always a solution available on the IIFL Securities AAA platform. Be it investing, trading, financial planning, insurance, gold bond investing or even loans for your home or new car; everything is right there on the AAA platform.
  2. The AAA platform is extremely flexible. You don’t have to be stationed in your office or the dealing room. You can work from home or even when you are travelling by train or car. This is a digital platform and everything is available on your mobile or laptop. You literally earn from home.
  3. The question is how does IIFL Securities empower the advisors with product knowledge and training. This includes updated and state-of-the-art training videos delivered electronically. They are designed to hand-hold you through the product or process and you can get most of your answers here itself.
  4. Apart from the large library of state-of-the-art training videos available, IIFL Securities also conducts live training sessions and webinars to update advisors on implications of Union Budget, monetary policy, statutory announcements, IPO markets, etc. Content is not just static but also dynamic and in sync with changing market conditions.
  5. You can personalize the digital content to avoid information overload. Why get scores of messages that are not relevant to you? You can customize what messages you need, and only customized content will be highlighted for you. That saves time and makes your effort more focused.
  6. You may be travelling and want to find out which of your clients are making money and which clients are losing money. Your don’t have to fret or keep dialling the back office. Everything is right there on your tab and you can also apply a number of client analytics at the click of a button.
  7. It is said that in life you should either be earning or learning. On the AAA platform you can do both. In fact, it is a continuous earning and learning system. When you onboard clients, you don’t just get a share of the commissions immediately generated, but also a share of the trail generated over time. In short, this AAA platform can also become a source of long-term financial security and parallel income stream.
  8. Different brokers tell you different things about profit sharing. IIFL Securities offers the best in class revenue sharing to its advisor. Effectively, you get the full support of the IIFL Securities ecosystem. The good thing is there are no hidden costs.
  9. IIFL Securities AAA is a real one-stop shop. As an AAA advisor, you and your clients can access all the products in the financial marketplace and these include equities, derivatives, mutual funds, gold bonds, ETFs, Smallcases, Insurance, Bonds, PMS and the list goes on. In short, it is everything in one place delivered lucidly and efficiently.
  10. Finally, what does all this add up to. The AAA platform helps you evolve as a true-blue advisor. The future of financial markets is not about who can sell but who can customize the solutions to the needs of customers. That is what the AAA ecosystem helps you to eventually become. You can actually help clients achieve their life time financial goals.
The AAA platform will help offer a better and more meaningful solution to clients. In the process, the clients will end up happier and wealthier. That means; the advisor ends up wealthier too!

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