How papa and yoga can make me a better stock market player?

While it is a coincidence that both International Father’s Day and Yoga Day fall on the same date this year, there is also a more philosophical angle to it. The linkages between the two celebrations cannot be missed.

June 19, 2020 12:05 IST | India Infoline News Service
fathers day yoga day
This year, International Father’s Day and International Yoga Day will fall on the same date on June 21. To be fair, International Yoga Day is just about 5 years old and it has been globally celebrated only since 2015. On the other hand, International Father’s Day has a history of over 100 years. There is no fixed date on which International Father’s Day is celebrated. Some celebrate in June and some countries do celebrate even in November. But, the most commonly accepted practice is to celebrate International Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June each year. Interestingly, that coincides with International Yoga Day on 21 June this year.

Linkages cannot be missed

While it is a coincidence that both International Father’s Day and Yoga Day fall on the same date this year, there is also a more philosophical angle to it. The linkages between the two celebrations cannot be missed. Firstly, International Father’s Day celebrates the man who gives you a life worth living and provides for you. International Yoga Day celebrates the wealth of physical and mental health which make life worth living. Secondly, Father’s Day celebrates the balance in relationships that the father brings to the family while Yoga Day celebrates the balance between your physical, mental and spiritual life. Lastly, both are relationships that never end. Your link to your father is almost umbilical and lasts well beyond your life time. Yoga is a ticket to good health and it works best if it is a long term relationship.

What investors should learn from Papa?

Every father endeavours to provide the best for their families. In fact, most Fathers do not realize that their children learn a lot more by watching their fathers than from anything else in the world. Here is what investors must learn from their fathers.
  • Make a long term commitment to your investment strategy. That is a lot like fathers make a long term commitment to their families and do not waver even in the midst of challenging times. That long term approach can serve your investment portfolio well.
  • Be critical about what you consider your own. A good father will never hesitate to correct his children if they go down the wrong path, even if it means being tough. When you invest, your commitment is to your investment strategy and a disciplined approach can work wonders, but be flexible to make changes when required
  • Be willing to look deep into the future. A father starts thinking about the future of his sons and daughters at least 20 years in advance. That is how you plan and give them a good life. As an investor, you must not restrict yourself to the next one or two years. Look at the big trends over the next 10-15 years to craft your strategy.
  • Lastly, your father also represents the capacity to handle uncertainty and cushions the family. That is a must in your investment portfolio. Your portfolio must consist of a generous sprinkling of Papa Stocks that can reduce the overall risk and cushion your portfolio from extreme bouts of underperformance.
Why International Yoga Day is a great lesson for traders?

International Yoga Day celebrates the power of Yoga, which is the balance between the physical, the mental and the spiritual self. Here is what stock market traders must specifically learn.
  • One of the popular poses, Dhanurasana, or the bow pose represents stretching every part of the body to the maximum extent possible. In a way, that is what traders do with their trading capital. The whole idea is to stretch the capital and churn effectively as to maximize the ROI. At the same time, this also calls for managing risks via stop losses so that the stretch does not cause any damage.
  • The Sirsaasanaa or standing on the head is the ultimate pose for balancing the body, the spirit and the mind. That is something that traders need to learn why trading. After all, successful trading is all about balancing risks and returns; balancing news flows and charts; as well as balancing long and short positions.
  • Finally, let us not forget the all important Shavaasasna or the relaxation pose! In Yoga, this asana is all about relaxing your body and the mind. But, can traders afford to let their guard down and relax? What this asana means is that there are times traders muststay off the market. Not doing anything in a volatile and unpredictable market is also an important decision for traders. That is what the Shavasana underlines.
On June 21, when International Father’s Day and International Yoga Day converge, it is time to sit back and ruminate over the larger take-aways for traders and investors alike.

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