Citi India partners with IIM Lucknow

The first of the workshop series, to build capability amongst young potential talent to prepare them for the dynamic banking world, was held on January 27 - 28, 2013 at the IIM Lucknow campus.

January 28, 2013 7:39 IST | India Infoline News Service

In thefirst of a workshop series to engage with students to prepare them for thechanging demands of the banking industry, Citi India partnered with IIM Lucknowfor a “Demystifying Banking” weekend workshop conducted by senior businessleaders from Citi for 60 select students from the institute. 


The first of the workshop series, to build capabilityamongst young potential talent to prepare them for the dynamic banking world,was held on January 27 - 28, 2013 at the IIM Lucknow campus. Sudeep Yadav, Headof Citi Transaction Services and Rajat Madhok, Head of Commercial Banking atCiti led the session. The select group comprises 60 second year financestudents who are sitting for their final placements.

Theworkshop started out with an update by Sudeep Yadav on the current developmentsin the banking industry globally and in India, including Basel III and itsimplications, regulatory trends and today’s demands from discerning clients andcustomers. Sudeep then followed up with an insight into the concepts oftransaction banking, after which Rajat Madhok shared with the group thebusiness of commercial banking and how Citi India strived to meet the needs ofthe country’s growing small to mid sized enterprises. 


Thefirst day ended with the students being exposed to actual examples of casestudies. On the second day, the students were put to the test, as they werequestioned on what they have learned. The top two students with the highestscores were recognized at the end of the workshop with a big round of applause.


BothSudeep Yadav and Rajat Madhok were impressed at the high level of engagementand questions from the students, while the potential talent attending theworkshop enthused over the insights and time spent with them from the industryveterans.


Accordingto Sudeep Yadav. “As part of Citi's core value of responsible finance, we havetaken the initiative of going to key institutes in India to make students familiarwith banking and roles in banking. Transaction services are of strategic importancefor banks, being at the core for most. With the need for young talent in ourbusiness, we have brought in this workshop an effective tool to bridge the gapbetween theory and practice in the world of banking.”


RajatMadhok added, “The Commercial Bank of Citi is a market leading franchisecovering diverse Indian corporates and emerging market champions. The small andmid-sized corporate segment is expected to continue showing substantial growthdriven by organic capital expenditure in India and inorganic opportunitiesoffshore.  


Citi iswell positioned to capture the growth with deep client relationships and stronglocal franchise and global presence. As we continue to grow, we are focused onhiring young talent from top B schools across country to build the talentpipeline for our business”.


Thefaculty coordinator at IIM Lucknow said, “Who would have been better to clearthe myths and misconceptions about this vertical than few of the leaders inthis vertical. It was an eye opening session for the students who wanted tomake a career in banking, it helped them understand the complexity involved inthis sector, the expectations which the sector would have from them and thevarious profiles involved.”


AnuranjitaKumar, Country Human Resources Officer, Citi India added, “We continue to investin young talent at the campuses and this partnership is an indication of ourcommitment in the direction. IIM Lucknow has been a valued relationship forCiti and over the years we have hired bright talent from the campus who havegrown and held various leadership positions across the Bank.”


Theworkshop was greatly appreciated by the students of IIM Lucknow. Mayank Khulbeone of the students who had attended the workshop said “The workshop was aneventful learning experience wherein the gaps between theory and practice werebridged. Through a series of interactive lectures and real cases, we wereexposed to the ground realities and nitty-gritties of the banking system.”


Anotherstudent, Apurv Raj added “It was an awesome experience to learn about thevarious verticals and job profiles offered by Citibank through an interactionwith the respective country heads of various divisions of Citibank. We got aflavour of how business problems are solved in the actual corporate scenariothrough role play and negotiation exercises.”






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