Games you must play to learn trading

There are some gaming platforms which teach you about automated trading strategies and technical analyses.

Mar 18, 2018 11:03 IST India Infoline News Service

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Trading is risky and complicated as it requires the use of various tools and charts to interpret and beat the market. Following real-time news is essential to interpret the market and have a head start. However, it is not a viable solution to put your hard-earned money directly into trading. Before getting into trading, it is essential to do some practice & have some hands-on experience.

Here, making use of virtual trading games to learn about live trading will be a great way to begin your trading career. They provide you with virtual money to add various asset classes like shares, commodities, and mutual funds to your portfolio. Their price fluctuation affects your portfolio & you can compare your performance against that of your peers.

Most platforms today have active trading communities which help you gain insight into other people’s trading strategies. Gaming platforms also teach you about automated trading strategies and technical analyses.

Trading Tips

Here are some games to learn about stock trading:
1. Moneybhai's virtual trading game helps one invest in various assets like stocks, mutual funds, commodities, and fixed deposits. They provide 'investors' with Rs1cr in their portfolio account & a Rs1cr intraday trading limit.
2. DSIJ Stock Market Challenge
Dalal Street Investment Journal (DSIJ) has helped the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) develop this platform. A demo teaches users the basics of the market and a 'game master' answers queries. It has various levels of difficulty which increase with each level.
3. NSE Paathshala
The National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) developed this game to help people learn about stock trading. It also teaches users how to use the various tools on the platform.
4. Chart Mantra
Economic Times developed this as a gaming-cum-learning platform for technical analysis. You get the opportunity to learn about basic technical analysis & apply it to stock markets. The efficiency of your buy/sell decision will rank you among other players.
5. Investfly
Here you can build your automated trading strategies and learn to manage a virtual portfolio by making use of various tools. It also has a monthly trading contest.
6. Stock Trainer
This virtual trading app works with real-life world market data. It helps one learn trading with help of live market simulation to give real-time results.
7. Trader Trainer
This stock trading app loads anonymous stock market data from the past to put your trading skills to test. It also provides you with an opportunity to choose and customize your technical indicators.
8. Wall Street Survivor
You get $1,00,000 to invest in this virtual stock market and a cartoon version of Guru Mark Brookshire helps you to make investing strategies based on his rating.
9. Investopedia Stock Stimulator
This app provides virtual trading in various asset classes and different trading challenges. It also provides an option to invest in Options virtually, something which other virtual service providers fail to provide. It also offers one the chance to join and create challenges with friends to compete and see who has the best investment results daily.

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