How to Trade for a Living

Thinking of trading for a living? Here are few tips to make your thought successful and enjoy most returns from the share market. Get more stock trading tips from India Infoline.

Nov 25, 2017 03:11 IST India Infoline News Service

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Trading full-time or trading for a living is not a sought-after way of life in India. But still, there are a significant number of people who do indulge in this.

It offers flexibility and financial freedom when done in the right way.

Here are some tips that you can follow if you wish to pursue trading for a living.

1. Be passionate

Passion is what is going to drive you through the highs and lows of the market. Write down your reasons for trading and pin it up on your board or wall. This would serve as a reminder everytime you look at it and help you focus better.

Trading is more than just making money. It offers a roller-coaster ride of emotions and exercises your intellect. You need to master these if you wish to be successful and consistent with it. The quicker, logical and natural you are at making judgments objectively and acting upon them, the more you would enjoy it.
2. Know your trading status at all times

Being a full-time trader gives a lot of time in your hands. Use it constructively to map your status and your goals. Be aware of where you are with your trades and where the market is headed. Constant follow-up would help you map the direction of the market and trade in the right direction. This could get tedious more than your 9-to-5 job but it would definitely be worth it. This way you can act quickly at any opportunity that comes your way and make the most of it.
3. Research researchresearch

Research is the secret sauce of trading. It will help you understand the probability of how you every trade and every move can turn out. Through a logical process, you can even anticipate as to which traders can be profitable for you in the long run and which ones you should abandon right away. This would also require you to spend some good amount of time and effort for it but better work smart than regret later, isn’t it?
4. Regular disciplined approach

Even if it is not a regular job, trading requires discipline. You need to religiously sit during the trading hours and work towards making every opportunity a profitable one. You might have to make a trading plan and stick to it despite the sudden ups or downs. Know and develop your edge in trading and use it for the best outcome. 
5. Practice patience

Though this sounds like the most obvious of the lot, it also is the most neglected one. Almost all traders accept that patience plays an important role while trading. But, themarket can test your patience real hard. You might be lured into giving up on your trading strategies during highs or panicked to selling out during the lows. However, practisingpatience will help you focus on the bigger picture. It will keep you from over-trading and over-risking and thus safeguard you from market temptations. Hence, give your trades adequate time to pay out and don’t rush to decisions in challenging times.
Stock market trading is just like any other job. You might have good times, bad times, even worse times but stick to your trading strategy at all times. Work out on what is your trading edge and develop that. Not every trade would be successful but don’t lose heart. It’s often the one who is patient that enjoys the most returns from the market. So, if you are ready to trade for a living, use the tips mentioned above and start trading today. 

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