Aman Sikka, Co-Founder, NoMyID

“The biggest challenge is to get 70 crore population registered on mail platform where all above mention points are covered. This will involve lots of cost, time and coordination. Number-based email ids are the best solution for this.”

April 21, 2015 2:02 IST | IIFL
Aman Sikka, Co-Founder, NoMyID, A banker by profession, his passion lies in finance and technology. Presently he holds position of Deputy Vice President with HDFC Bank handling retail branch banking business in parts of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. He is Masters in International Business.
NoMyID technologies have developed a mobile application that enables user of app to send email on any mobile number worldwide without knowing mail Id of user. Mail can be sent to any mobile number irrespective of user or non-user. The app includes powerful email client including most common features. The app is available on Android and iOS and will be soon available on Windows platform as well. It offers a user to send messages/ images/ videos to contacts with live chat and push notifications.
In an interaction with Anil Mascarenhas of IIFL, Aman Sikka says, “The biggest challenge is to get 70 crore population registered on mail platform where all above mention points are covered. This will involve lots of cost, time and coordination. Number-based email ids are the best solution for this.”
Give us a brief overview of the mobile application industry. How is it doing in India?
As per the published media reports, there will be 9 billion apps downloads in 2015 Vis a Vis 1.56 billion downloads in 2012. Revenue has also increased from Rs. 9bn in 2014 to Rs. 15 bn in year 2015.
As per Telecom Minister, everyone will have smart phone by 2019 and all services like health, education and various government services will be provided on smart phones. Apps usage will grow by 400 % as there will be more than 95 crore smart phone users in India because as of today there are 95 crore mobile connections.
What is the business model of NoMyId?
Every company or service provider communicates with their customers at different stages. For example bank sends service SMS on each transaction, E-commerce companies are sending 5 to 7 SMS for each transaction. These all are chargeable at 8 to 10 paisa per SMS to these companies. NoMyID will provide the platform to these companies where this communication will happen through service tab of NoMyID. This will be very cost effective to the corporate.
NoMyID will provide the promotional tabs which will be used by corporate to send promotional mails to the mobile number of customers. At present promotional mail can go to only those customers who have mail ids. By using this option more and more customer will get information about the products. NoMyID will charge these corporate for sending promotional messages.
How did you come up with this idea? What makes you confident this technology is here to stay?
Most of the times we need to share some important and detailed information like Individuals profile, Companies profile, Useful offers, some news, regular  communication with friends, colleagues, relatives, mentors etc. But due to unavailability of mail Ids we don’t share this information. But we have contact numbers of all the customers available with us. For example a fresh pass out from college wants to share his resume with different people for job. But how do we send resume to everyone in contact list? By using NoMyID, mail can be sent to any mobile number. There is no need of having the email id of the receiver. Just select the mobile number and send the mail.
Communication is very important part of business. If communication is fast, accurate, detailed, informative, interactive then business conversion will increase. Availability of email ids with all Corporate or service providers for their customers are not more them 40 percent but contact number availability is 100%. With NoMyID, communication will be fast on required mobile numbers with detailed information and interactive links which is not possible with any other platform. This will lead to better conversion ratio.
What are the opportunities here and what are the difficulties you see in adopting this. What does it do that WhatsApp or a Telegraph etc. doesn’t?
Digital India Programme aims to connect all gram panchayats by broadband internet, promote e-governance and transform India into a connected knowledge economy.
At present in India, 75% of population is holding mobile connections and 20% population is connected through Internet. With Digital India Programme 2.5 lakhs villages will be connected with internet and internet literate population will reach to 75 to 80% by 2018.
By virtue of this project turnaround time of everything will be reduced. Information will start flowing everywhere. Most important tool which will be must required for all aspects of this programme are emails. At present email ids available are 25 crore in India and there will be requirement of 70 crore more mail ids to reach to the 75% internet literacy level.
The following points highlight why email ids are important for success of this programme.
  • Unique id required for digital empowerment and for accessing govt cloud services.
  • One of the important pillars of this project is “Information for All” which requires email Ids to provide detailed information.
  • Two way communication between govt and public
  • For providing specific information/ and sending messages on special occasions.
  • For communication of citizen entitlements.
  • Cradle to grave digital identity -unique, lifelong, online, authenticable
  • Everywhere and anytime availability.
  • To respond to public grievance.
  • For electronic delivery of services Like E-health, E-farming, E-security, E-courts.
  • Messaging platform for all govt employees and elected members.
  • Email Ids are required for personal communications.
  • One stop place all communications.
There are certain challenges in getting email ids for 70 crore people.
  • Difficult for less educated and senior citizens to create IDs.    
  • Difficult to learn confusing spellings of mail ids.
  • Email id in English or in any language are difficult to learn for everyone
  • Most of the population deals in regional languages.
  • Unique email ids are not possible as lots of people have same names.
  • At present, email ids are not authentic because no KYC documentation is obtained.
  • It is not possible that regular communication starts on mails as everyone in not aware of everyone’s email ids.
  • How these unique email ids will get registered for such a big population at all required places like banks, all government departments etc?
  • How to cover above mentioned challenges with existing email id users?
Biggest challenge is to get 70 crore population registered on mail platform where all above mention points are covered. This will involve lots of cost, time and coordination. Number-based email ids are the best solution for this.
WhatsApp and Telegram are not allowing you to send email on any mobile numbers. With nomyid you can send email from other mail servers also like gmail, hotmail  etc. NoMyID allows you to send email to non user of NoMyID also which is not possible with any other app like WhatsApp or Telegram.
For a lay reader, how does this technology work? Will it work if the person at the other end does not have a smart phone or has not downloaded your app?
With this app user can send mail to any mobile number. After configuring this app user can send email to any mobile number. There is no requirement of mail ids. Just select the mobile number and send the mail. If receiver of mail is existing user of app then he will receive mail in Inbox of NoMyID and in case of non user a sms will be sent to receiver stating that he has received mail from ABCB with mobile number XYZ. To check mail app download links and web link will be provided with user Id and password. Receiver can check the mail either by downloading the app or on Webmail.
Yes it will work if person is not having smart phone. He can check mail on any PC with his mobile number as username and password provided to him. If someone has very basic phone with no features still that person can use NoMyID for sending mails on numbers through web interface.
By when will it be available on Windows? How many downloads does it have? What is the incremental downloads now per month?
Windows mobile and PC client will be available by month of June. Presently app has approx 10,000 downloads.
What is the size limit to send or receive mails through your app?
10 Mb is the limit.
How do you plan to monetize this app? Who would be the target audience?
NoMyID will earn revenue by providing services communication and promotional communication platform to corporate and service providers.
Target customer for monetization will be Banks, Insurance companies, Ecommerce companies, Telecom service providers etc.
Comment on your financials of the company? What is your revenue break-up from different segments if any?
As of now company is acquiring and educating the users about the features and uses of the NoMyID so there is no revenue coming to the company.
What is the shareholding pattern of the company? Could you give an idea about its valuations?
100% share holding is with promoters of company. As of now all investments are done by family members and friends.
Any plans to sell stake?
We are in talks with few VC investors for funding of project for marketing activities and up-gradation of technology for bigger user base.

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