JEE Advanced exams: What are the preparations that students need

In Mathematics you should have a firm command on Calculus and Coordinate Geometry first and then only you should shift to Probability, Vectors, Complex numbers.

May 22, 2013 3:29 IST | India Infoline News Service

What are the preparations that students need to do for the upcoming exams on JEE Advanced and what should students do to score well?

During the last days of studies the students should do following: 

  1. Students should revise the notes written in the classrooms and go through the solutions of the problems they have solved earlier.  
  2. Revise & complete the most scoring topics first. For example in Physics: Optics, Thermodynamics, Waves, Modern Physics and Electromagnetism should be completed first. Then you should shift to mechanics. In Mathematics you should have a firm command on Calculus and Coordinate Geometry first and then only you should shift to Probability, Vectors, Complex numbers. In Chemistry Physical Chemistry should be mastered first and then one should go for Inorganic and organic. For completing Inorganic and Organic XI XII School books are the best.
  3. Reverse engineer while you study. See that you should study for something that fetches you marks. See the previous year problems asked from a topic in the exams. Prepare for such type and toughness of questions first before getting on to more complex questions.
  4. You have to see that you need to have a balanced score in each subject. Generally with a vast majority of students 2 topics are strong and one is relatively average. Although a good rank is scored if you are able to master all the three but a decent rank is achieved if you are able to score good in two subjects and above average in one. So be confident and see that you achieve at least above average marks in your weak subject.
  5. Average Cut-off for JEE Advanced over past 3-4 years has been not more than 42%. Remember you don’t need to crack every question to be successful. You just need to crack 4.2 questions out of 10. So don’t panic if you are not able to crack few questions. Remember Sachin Tendulakar as he leaves the good balls and strike the weak ones. You are supposed to leave good balls and strike the weaker ones.
  6. Know your forte before you enter the examination hall. Understand well what you know and what you don’t know. This realization will help you strategize your test taking skills. First strike on the sums of the topic you are confident about and then move on to the topics you are least confident off.
  7. Students have a habit of studying more and more and avoiding taking mock tests before the actual exams. They keep thinking that after completing the syllabus they will take practice tests. Unfortunately you will never be able to finish the portion. The idea is to score as much as possible with whatever limited knowledge you have. Take multiple mock tests (at least 5-6) before you appear for the final exam. Take these mock tests sincerely. With every test analyze your performance, what mistakes you made and what concepts you need to understand. You will realize that the more number of mock tests you take the more you are able to score.

While taking the paper or day before the paper: 

  1. Concentrate on accuracy and not number of attempts. Mark the answers only when you are confident.
  2. During exam do rough work in a systematic manner. Rough work should be organized. It helps you in avoiding mistakes. If you do haphazard rough work then you are confused between answers and solutions of different questions.
  3. Keep marking the bubbles as soon as you complete an answer don’t wait for the last moment, it is foolish to mark the answers in the last moment.
  4. Sleep for at least 8 hours a day before the exam.
  5. Revise all the important formulae and concepts the day before. Relax as much as you can. Take a stroll, chit-chat with people and bee cool.
  6. If you believe in God pray. Prayer will provide you immense inner strength, belief and faith in you. 
  7. Try to give as much equal time weight as possible to each of PCM subjects during the exam.
  8. During exam everybody thinks that he or she is not able to perform well. We think that everybody else is doing well and I am the only loser in this examination hall. Take this out of your mind. If the paper is tough it is tough for everybody.
  9. Drink water during exam. Be cool while you take paper. Don’t panic in any circumstance.
  10. Don’t get stuck to any question for a long span. Leave if you are not getting positive vibes while you are solving the problem.
  11.  As there are two papers in JEE Advanced you are suggested not to evaluate your marks in the 1st paper after the exam. Don’t discuss the questions after the 1st paper. Let the 2nd paper pass and then discuss the questions.
  12. Don’t eat heavy breakfast or lunch before the papers. Have energy drink water and Glucon D to keep you energized.

The author is Managing Director at Ideal 21st Century Competitions Pvt. Ltd

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