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The year 2012 gave way to new possibilities and competition, to stay competitive we saw faster emergence of businesses with more courageous youth turning into entrepreneurs.

January 07, 2013 9:29 IST | India Infoline News Service
The year 2012 was a year of change and new developments; it was a year of growth and prosperity. More than anything, the year 2012 welcomed the culture of big office spaces moving from concrete jungles to virtual environment. The year 2012 gave way to new possibilities and competition, to stay competitive we saw faster emergence of businesses with more courageous youth turning into entrepreneurs.
Last year saw jobs primarily in sectors like healthcare, hospitality and IT/ITES. Apart from these, the other sectors involved in the process of in hiring were non-machinery manufacturing, media and entertainment.

The year 2013 will be an era where change, dynamism and competition will be the key words to growth and prosperity of the economy. In this changing landscape not only businesses but education and hiring patterns are changing as well. This is paving the way further for customised education. Tailor made and personalised learning will be the education of tomorrow.
In year 2013, careers in education, IT, business services, healthcare, nonprofits, luxury & retail management and non machinery manufacturing will provide a snapshot of the new economy.

Most job opportunities in business services will be in SMEs (small & medium enterprises) and would require a fair level of local knowledge. In 2013, jobs in healthcare are expected to outnumber the ones in 2012 and healthcare would become one of the largest contributors to the service sector in India. Non profit jobs in the country are on a rise and though a MSW (Master of Social Work) degree is the most preferred here many colleges and universities have started offering programs to cater to this sector. There is going to be new demand for jobs in luxury management however owing to the nature of this sector this is not going to be voluminous demand. Retail jobs will continue to grow as the government relaxes entry restriction for foreign players to enter this sector.
As we move from the age of multi-tasking to the age of specialised skill set, in 2013, more emphasis will be given to essential career assistance, particularly when higher compensation is the reward for specialisation. To facilitate this customised learning, awareness on career specialisation and available choices will become more custom-made—it will further be tailored into smaller, more concise chunks of learning. We’ve previously affirmed the emergence of online coursework and 2013 will see the rise of specialised short-term courses using online medium and trainings in very niche skill sets. 
As India heads towards becoming the youngest working population of the world, a rising trend will be on vocational specialisation with international certifications, enabling people to seek jobs abroad. This trend should start in 2013 as workforce shortages begin to emerge in various countries abroad.
To sum up these jobs are going to get more specialised and a host of new opportunities beckon employees in business services, education, healthcare, IT, nonprofits, luxury & retail management and non machinery manufacturing.
The writer is executive vice president and chief revenue officer at Aspire Human Capital Management.

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