YouTube launches Partner Program in India

The program is open to all Indian content creators who make original, high-quality videos on a regular basis and use YouTube to distribute their content online.

Sep 13, 2011 05:09 IST India Infoline News Service

YouTube has announced the launch of YouTube Partner Program in India, which will enable all original video content creators to become a content partner with YouTube and monetize their work on YouTube through advertising.

The program is open to all Indian content creators who make original, high-quality videos on a regular basis and use YouTube to distribute their content online. Content creators will be able to apply online for the program at

The Partner Program is YouTube’s way of sharing advertising revenue with its most popular and successful video creators. Once a video creator has been accepted to the Partner Program, ads start appearing overlaid or next to their videos. YouTube then splits the revenue generated by those ads with the partner, with the majority of the share going to the Partner.

David Macdonald, Head of YouTube Content Operations, Asia Pacific, said “YouTube has been a great platform for Indian content as demonstrated by the successes of the Indian Premier League and our Bollywood studio partners. Today we are opening up that very same platform to all media companies and original video content creators in India to help them monetize their content on YouTube platform. There is a strong demand for Indian content on YouTube, and this program will help original video content creators in India to make money from their content. With our dedicated team in India and online support tutorials, anyone with a creative idea can use YouTube to build local and global audiences and turn those views into a regular revenue stream.”

YouTube Partner program has a strong community of over 20,000 plus content creators across the globe, and every year YouTube pays out millions of dollars to people through the Partner Program, with hundreds of partners making more than $100,000 USD per year and thousands of partners make more than $1,000 USD per month.

YouTube has been selectively working with original Indian content creators as part of its pilot program in India since last December, and many content creators have already started reaping the benefits of the program. For example, new media company Yoboho New Media (producers of Desimad) have amassed nearly 600 million views to date across their multiple channels. Meanwhile Jay Hind TV has created an entire Late Night Comedy Show in Hindi with over 10.8 million total views. There are many more such examples, where users like independent artists, tech bloggers, house wives posting recipes videos and earning revenues from YouTube partner program.

Hitendra Merchant, Founder and CEO of Yoboho New Media, said, “Every creator requires an audience, and the YouTube Partner program not only ensured that we had a huge number of viewers but also ensured that we get rewarded well over a period of time, which really took us by surprise. We are constantly trying our best to understand the YouTube Broadcast platform.  The partner program inspired us to first understand and respect the medium, create relevant channels and videos, increase our production, supply more videos to the new as well as the old channels, create more employment to video creators and reward them.  The YouTube Partner program over a period of time has helped us grow and move towards becoming a profitable organization.”

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