How Can I Register for CDSL Easiest Using My Demat Account?

Shareholding is categorized into two different sets of apps. These apps have literally mugged them off the permission to access the details of the integrated platform. This also intrudes on the facility of keeping a check on the incomes via investments. In order to simplify and ease this challenge, one can quickly transfer their existing shares from a single demat account to another one. You can complete this facility online without any hassle.

Due to this reason, potential investors need to Register for CDSL Easiest Using Demat Account. The Primary Depository of Services Limited introduced the notion of CDSL Easiest. This process is a vital one and assists one in quickly accessing their demat account information. They can get access to the details remotely from any area at any given point in time.

However, you will need to use the authentic and official page of CDSL FOR THAT. Just as you have finished completing the procedure of CDSL easiest registration, you will get a set of credentials. It will be a user ID and a passcode that you can use each time you sign into the CDSL portal.

Let’s dive into the critical details of the definition of CDSL Easiest and the CDSL easiest registration process.

What Does CDSL Easiest Involve?

EASIEST in accountancy stands for Electronic access of security information and execution of the secured transaction. Every time an individual initiates a purchase, significant investment or sale transaction for the shares, many intermediaries take over the particular transaction.

The foremost one includes the depository party of your DP account. This individual can also be your broker at the same time, along with stock exchanges such as NSE and BSE.

Since the initial stage of digital trading was performed with the assistance of Demat accounts, the primary depositories had also turned out to be a segment of the procedure. During CDSL easiest registration, the primary depository can keep track of the share ownership within a dematerialized environment as well.

In a nation like India, the two primary depositaries include the CDSL and NSDL. Even though a purchase or a selling transaction might be visible on the display, the clearing process shall take up to T plus two business days. In this scenario, the T refers to the particular day on which the individual initiated the transaction.

Just as you begin the transaction, the following occurrences will take place in order:

  • The foremost aspect to keep in mind is that the share transfers shall occur directly to your DP account.
  • Secondly, the fund clearance takes place from your personal banking account.
  • Thirdly, the transferring data of the shares shall easily take place in your DP account, as mentioned above, once you complete the formality.

At times, the share transfers that need to go to the demat account may be paused. These shares will be stored in the collection of one's DP. This indicates that even though you already made the payment for the particular shares, you still do not hold ownership of them. This makes the CDSL easiest registration, often a significant requirement and often mandatory for some individuals.

It can assist you in keeping your demat account under check based on the information and details. Demat account information ascertaining is vital in case the individual has implemented the trade.

It is applicable in both scenarios whether you are showcasing the status of your account ownership or not. Other than that, when you register for CDSL Easiest Using Demat Account, you will be able to transfer all the shares from one account without any unnecessary hassle.

How Can I Register For CDSL Easiest Using My Demat Account?

Prior to starting the process of CDSL easiest registration, you will need the following information handy:

  • The first thing you will need is the eight-digit depository party ID, DP or the CM ID of the broker. The CM refers to a clearing member.
  • The following information you will need is the BO ID. This ID stands for beneficial ownership. This is also generally an eight-digit number.

As you have gathered all the details you need, you can begin to perform the necessary steps for CDSL easiest registration.

  • Step 1: Go to the official CDSL portal that is, and hit the 'login' option.
  • Step 2: Then click on the option of ‘My easi New Token' and sign in.
  • Step 3: Right on the page of log in, you will then need to click on the option that says ‘click here’ located right beside the ‘register for easiest’ option.
  • Step 4: This will lead you to the next page, where you will need to key in your client and DP identification and tick mark on the check box. This will show that you agree with the terms of the page in order to continue further.
  • Step 5: Then key in the one-time passcode that you have received in your registered contact number and press 'Continue.' It would help if you kept in mind that the OTP will only be valid for 15 minutes. If you fail to follow it, you must request a new one.
  • Step 6: Then type in the needed details under the section of ‘Account details’ and tick mark on the check box like before. You will find this option right beside the pin or trusted account. As you are done, click on ‘continue’ again.
  • Step 7: Then, you will need to key in the BO identification related to the trusted account and hit submit.
  • Step 8: Continue to the next section and enter the one-time passcode you have received again.
  • Step 9: Your work is done! The request for mapping your trusted account is sent to your DP. Press “OK” to end the process.

You have completed the formalities. The request for tracking the trusted account has been transferred to the DP. Lastly, hit ‘okay’ to close the process. As you are done with completing the CDSL easiest registration process, please wait for it to get activated within forty-eight hours.

How Do You Utilize Easi Or Easiest To Access the CDSL Demat Account?

The Electronic access of security information and execution of the secured transaction is an online service offered by none other than CDSL. This facility is mainly meant for demat account owners.

It assists them in accessing the data of their demat account through the internet and monitoring the status of their transactions and holdings anytime. This is the fundamental idea about the registration process of CDSL Easiest. However, there are quick details you will need to know if you want to use your demat account.

The Easiest is an advanced form of the ‘easi’ and offers the user many additional choices that are not accessible in ‘easi.’ Unfreeze and freeze options available in Easiest accounts are vital for any demat account owner. It is especially applicable and beneficial for those with a demat account who have provided PoA to any relative or stockbroker. One provides or hands over PoA in many situations, such as preventing misuse of power or protecting the holdings.

How CDSL Easiest Registration Can Benefit You?

A large percentage of the population is reliant on CDSL easiest registration for several reasons. In this part, you are going to explore the sheer advantages of registration. Here are some of the following benefits:

  • It can allow you to see all the declarations and assertions of your current holdings. You will get access to viewing the monitory declarations out of all Demat account transaction receivers. This is applicable for the last three-hundred and sixty-five days. You will be free to print and even download all the information you need.
  • When you get access to the demat account, the CDSL easiest registration shall allow you to see the Demat account assertions. All you need to do is sign in from the official webpage of CDSL.
  • By utilizing the procedure of CDSL easiest registration, one can easily transfer every segment of their security to all other demat banking accounts.
  • Other than that, as one has signed up for it, they can access the statements of the joined accounts as well. They can view, download or print each holding statement separately as required. They can do this based on the valuation of their present holdings.
  • Also, keep in mind that you will not need to provide any slip of instruction to the depository party for any debt transaction.

These were some of the fundamental advantages one can gain when they register for CDSL Easiest Using Demat Account. However, the advantages might vary based on their specifications of profile and scenario.

The Final Thoughts

Now that you are aware of the details and process of the CDSL easiest registration, tackling the demat account will get even faster and simpler. In today's era, everyone looks for intelligent and time-saving ways to manage their finances. The above procedures are well-researched to provide you with a secured path to operate your demat bank account. If you have not yet opened your demat account, perform enough research to spot a reliable authority or broker who can help you with the account opening procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions Expand All

CDSL is one of the major depositories in the entire nation when it comes to active demat banking accounts. It lets investors store the securities by introducing an account in an electronic method. It also serves and maintains beyond ten crore demat accounts for beneficial owners.


As you have finished Register for CDSL Easiest Using Demat Account, the page of grouping shall be visible on the BO, division of personal accounts, wherein the BO has several accounts. 

However, it has many accounts with similar PANs. However, it would help if you kept in mind that the mentioned demat account should be registered for any email or message alert service that is related to the demat account.


Here are some of the steps you will need to follow:

  • Go to the official portal of CDSL and choose 'online registration option.' Then, you will need to select the option of Easiest from the drop down list.
  • You will then need to key in the DP, BO and ID options in the boxes.
  • After that, just enter the one-time passcode and verify the registered mobile number.