Things to Know About A CDSL Demat Account

As a budding trader, you have already opened your Demat account with the depository investor, i.e., DP. You may start trading in just some stocks at first. But when your trading skills enhance, there are chances that you will extend the trading and invest in different shares. So, if you wish to begin your stock market investments by investing in securities, a CDSL Demat account is a prerequisite. In short, a Demat account or dematerialized account helps you keep your shares like mutual funds, equities, and exchange-traded funds. Rather than focusing on the stockbrokers, you might want to track your investments all by yourself.

Since the investment methods have become advanced, it is justifiable from your end to monitor your investment policies. On that note, a CDSL helps traders and account holders keep track of all their holdings. Traders have now been increasingly interested in getting real-time and frequent updates on the Demat accounts with depositories. If you want to learn further about the CDSL, here's presenting the top things to discover more on this front.

A Few CDSL's Number Format

India's two most significant depositories are NSDL, or National Securities Depository Limited, and CDSL or Central Depository Services Limited. Suppose you ask the depository participant to create an account on your behalf; it will do that with NSDL or CDSL based on the depository collaboration. Examining the amount of your account is a straightforward method to decide the depository the Demat account is opened. The fact is that the Demat accounts with CDSL comprise a 16-digit number combination. NSDL accounts: alphanumeric combination begins with IN and has 14 digits.

Straightforward and Convenient Registrations and Logins

One should complete the registration process on the CDSL Easi to evaluate the working method of the Demat account. There are simple steps involved in registering and using the log in to view the account-related details. Below are the steps to register:

  • 1st step: Find the LOGIN option present at your home page's top right corner. Tap on the option and continue with the next step.
  • 2nd step: Wait for a popup to appear on the screen. After this, you can see the NEW SYSTEM MyEasi present on the topmost.
  • 3rd step: As soon as you make the choice, you now need to press the login option. Visit the other page for the new popup on the screen. There, you will find the To Register for Easi! Z Click Here. Press this option.
  • 4th step: Now, you need to know the important information, such as BO ID or Beneficiary Owner Identification Number. Note that it's a 16-digit Demat account number, and it has a password in the format.
  • 5th step: As soon as you enter the significant details, you will get a message for the registration. If you don't get a message, the registration process has not yet been successful. For this, you need to check the details entered and wait for the message to appear.
  • 6th step: Now, the last step involves you using the credentials for logging in to the CDSL Demat. You can assess the account on your portal.

No Fees Required

Before the DEMAT account is opened, an investor submits the Rights and Obligations of Beneficial Owner and Depository Participant, which is duly signed. It is signed to the Depository participant while opening the account. A unique BO ID or a Beneficial Owner Identification is allotted to the account. So, when the DP opens the CDSL DEMAT account, the depository doesn't levy any charges or fees for that particular account. No CDSL demat account charges are required for the CDSL Easi portal too.

Excellent Services Offered by CDSL

The depository services are rematerialization, corporate action, account management, and margin guarantee. The other services are the following:

  • Electronic access to the securities information and secure transaction execution. It happens to be a digital-based service that lets BOs send the debt instructions online. It eliminates the need for BOs to go to the DP offices. Since there's no requirement to physically visit the location for submitting the instruction slips, it automatically makes the process easier. It is an internet-based service that allows BOs to send debit instructions online, eliminating the need for BOs to visit their DP offices to submit instruction slips.
  • Another advantage is e-voting. Note that the web website lets shareholders log in and vote on the business resolutions. The system can process and record votes automatically, which makes the process speedier in handling voting results.
  • The last benefit is the eKYC service. The Aadhaar-based eKYC process involves digital identification evidence as well as address.

Eligibility Criteria and Documents Required

No investor needs to be above 18 years of age when it comes to opening a CDSL Demat account. You need to register for the CDSL account anytime. Trading in the stock marketplace does not require any restrictions. You may open the DEMAT account as a minor, too. After submitting the required documents, the guardian or authorized person opens and manages the account in case you are under 18 years of age. If you have reached the 18-year age, the Deposit Participant sends the invitation to complete paperwork for transferring the details and making the account an operated one. The documents you need for the registration are the following:

  • ID Verification: Government identifications with the photo suffices. For instance, you need ID proofs like a passport, driver's license, voter ID, or Aadhar card..
  • Address proof: You need address proofs like a passport, current electricity bills, Aadhar cards, and more. You also need to verify your spouse's address..
  • Employment evidence: It's only required for engaging the transaction types like futures, contracts, and other options. In case you select options for funding, some important documents are required for creating the DEMAT account. You can provide your tax returns, salary slips, bank account reports, and more..
  • Savings account proof: This is a document required for creating the account. You may open the account by submitting your recent report or canceled cheque to your depository participant.

These are the basic documents required for opening the account.

The Role of CDSL Demat Account

There are several advantages to opening a CDSL Demat account. CDSL demat account's most important advantage is that the shares happen to be ideal in the digital format. This eliminates the risks and danger of theft, loss, or any other damage to the physical share certificates. Investors don't necessarily have to pay stamp duty while transferring the securities in the dematerialized form.

In addition, companies may credit the shareholders in case there are inventive issuance or right issue of the share. Investors can easily get the real-time details on the holdings of the establishment's management, thereby tracking changes in the details based on the stock or asset. According to the Central Depository Service Ltd, it sends investors a particular statement. This statement includes the holdings for the period, which let investors make well-informed decisions about financial strategies.

Various Types of CDSL Demat Account

The following are the types of CDSL Demat Accounts.

  • BSDA: Basic Services Demat Account is a distinct type of account. It does not require any commitment from your investor for trading. It's a sort of account that's primarily suitable for investors who wish to start making modest deposits initially and intend to avoid participating in ETF or exchange-traded funds, mutual funds, and equities. The BSDA account lets the investor with Rs. 2 lakh of investment and trading.
  • Regular Demat Account: Next comes the regular demat accounts that are used by residents in India. CDSL or Central Depository Services Limited supplies the regular demat accounts with the help of intermediaries such as depository participants and stockbrokers, to mention a few. Considering conventional demat accounts, charges will be determined by the account subscribed and its type. It also depends on the volume maintained in your account and other terms established DP or depository member (DP) and deposit.
  • Non-repatriable Demat Account: These accounts are quite similar to the repatriable demat accounts (mentioned below). But they need a linked NRO bank account. Without the linked NRO bank account, the NRIs would not be able to fund.
  • Repatriable Demat Account: The last one on this list is the Repatriable Demat Account. Note that NRIs who wish to invest in the stock market in India may rapidly reside anywhere in the world. They can use this type of DEMAT account. Contrary to this, the transactions of NRIs will include straightforward steps on the DEMAT account. This type of account benefits the NRIs as it lets them transfer easily. However, NRIs who wish to open an account must have an NRE bank account. This is the only criteria they need to meet.

Wrapping up

An investor needs the CDSL demat account to manage the share market. The depository actors and the whole market have made their decisions accordingly with each passing year. Now, with the technically-advanced methodologies and digitalized methods, investments have become simpler. It also makes the whole process of operating the account simpler. If you wish to transfer assets, you can now get a realistic trading experience by using this type of account. Investing in the shares lets investors diversify the whole investment portfolio. So, now that you have learned the important things about opening a CDSL demat account, it's time to proceed seamlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions Expand All

Yes, you need to provide address proof like an electricity bill, Aadhaar card, and other details.


You can visit the official website of CDSL. After this, you need to tap on login and enter the password as well as BO ID. After this, you need to give your PAN card information and date of birth. After the captcha pops on your screen, you need to complete it. Now, you need to enter your OTP sent to the registered number.



According to the SEBI guidelines, you need to link the PAN card with the account. You can maintain the account without any minimum amount. There are annual charges that you need to pay alongside a certain percentage of the trading as brokerage fees.


The investor may have the choice to open the other Demat account with the CDSL DP.

CDSL happens to be the largest depository in India considering the active demat accounts. It lets investors deposit securities simply by opening the account in a dematerialized manner. CDSL maintains over 10 crore accounts of Investors or Beneficial Owners in the whole country.