TBO Tek Ltd - Prospectus Synopsis

TBO Tek Ltd

Registered Office : E-78 South Extension Part I , , New Delhi - 110049 , New Delhi , India.

Phone : 91-124-499 8999  Fax :

Email :corporatesecretarial@tbo.com    Website : www.tbo.com

Initial public offer of 16,856,623* equity shares of face value of Re. 1 each (Equity Shares) of Tbo Tek Limited (Company or Issuer) for cash at a price of Rs. 920 per equity share (including a share premium of Rs. 919 per equity share) (Offer Price) aggregating to Rs. 1550.81 crores* comprising a fresh issue of 4,347,826* equity shares aggregating to Rs. 400.00 crores by the company (Fresh Issue) and an offer for sale of 12,508,797* equity shares aggregating Rs. 1150.81 crores* (Offered Shares) by the selling shareholders (as defined below), comprising 2,033,944* equity shares aggregating to Rs. 187.12 crores* by Gaurav Bhatnagar, 2,606,000* equity shares aggregating to Rs. 239.75 crores* by Lap Travel Private Limited (Lap Travel) and 572,056* equity shares aggregating to Rs. 52.63 crores* by Manish Dhingra (Gaurav Bhatnagar, Lap Travel and Manish Dhingra, collectively referred to as Promoter Selling Shareholders ), 2,637,040* equity shares aggregating to Rs. 242.61 crores* by Tbo Korea Holdings Limited (Tbo Korea), and 4,659,757* equity shares aggregating to Rs. 428.69* crores by Augusta Tbo (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (Augusta Tbo, and together with Tbo Korea, the Investor Selling Shareholders) (the promoter selling shareholders and investor selling shareholders together referred to as the Selling Shareholders) (Offer for Sale, and together with the fresh issue, the Offer). The offer includes a reservation of 32,608* equity shares (constituting 0.03%* of the post-offer paid-up equity share capital of the company) aggregating to Rs. 3.00 crores* for subscription by eligible employees (as defined hereinafter) (the Employee Reservation Portion). The offer less the employee reservation portion is hereinafter referred to as the Net Offer. The offer and the net offer will constitute 15.52%* and 15.49%* of its post-offer paid-up equity share capital, respectively. The face value of equity shares is Re. 1 each and the offer price is 920 times the face value of the equity shares. *Subject to finalisation of basis of allotment.

IssueMoney Payable On
Opens OnCloses OnApplicationAllotment
5/8/2024 12:00:00 AM 5/10/2024 12:00:00 AM Rs 920 - 0Rs 0 - 0
Minimum Application for shares in Nos : 16 Further Multiples of : 16
 Rs CrLead Managers to the Issue
Project Cost 381.06 Axis Capital Ltd
Project Financed through Current Offer 1550.81  
Post Issue Equity Share Capital 381.06  
Issue PriceRs. 920 
Growth and strengthening of its platform by adding new Buyers and Suppliers
Promoted ByListing AtRegistrar to the Issue
Ankush Nijhawan
Gaurav Bhatnagar
Lap Travel Pvt Ltd
- KFin Techologies Ltd