Five Businesses You Can Start With Zero Investment

start with zero investment

Financial crises, over the years, have forced many to rethink their decisions of continuing a vulnerable job and prompted others to start their own ventures. However, the requirement of an initial capital to start a business have discouraged many without any investible surplus.

If you are among those who wish to be their own boss but believe that starting a business without capital is like a daydream, then we are here to tell you otherwise.

Here are five business ideas that will not require even a single penny to begin with.

Providing brokerage services:

A great number of broking opportunities are available in the market. A person, according to his/her interests, could choose to start a brokerage service for real estate, and investment, among others. Both opportunities and money are vast in this segment as sellers or buyers would not mind paying a hefty commission on good deals.

Organizing and planning:

There are a range of customers who look for organizers for various personal requirements. For example, wedding planners and event organizers are increasingly witnessing a demand.

Virtual assistance:

There are a number of websites that offer virtual assistant jobs. The work entails assisting employers with various operational tasks. The best part is that it does not involve any investment or expenditure.


If you are great at academics and have the patience and skill to teach children, then tutoring is a lucrative offer. Today, an experienced tutor is a savior for parents who have to spend more hours at work and cannot help their children with studies. Spending a few hours towards this task could fetch reasonable money.


Professional work, right from graphic designing, content writing, to web designing, demands for experts from various fields. If one has an impressive track record and experience, then freelancing could become a rewarding business soon.