How to Cancel Pan Card

The Permanent Account Number or PAN is a 10-digit number issued to every individual residing in India. It is an important and mandatory document that a person should have. It helps a person to carry out important work like opening a bank account and tax filing, and it also works as an identity proof. However, there can be situations where a person may wish to opt for PAN Card cancellation.

Some reasons among them can be wrong details in the PAN card, loss of the previous card, etc. PAN Card cancellation has become hassle-free and does not require an individual to invest a lot of time in the process. In the blog, let's explore the process of PAN Card cancellation online and the various reasons why an individual requires to do so.

Understanding the Process of PAN Card Cancellation

PAN Card cancellation online is a short and hassle-free process. Various consequences may occur if any individual has possession of multiple PAN Cards. It is mandatory for every individual living in India to have only one PAN Card.

Huge fines and imprisonment can be some consequences that can be levied upon an individual if they have possession of multiple PAN Cards. The PAN Card is linked with an individual's bank account and AADHAR card so that a person can surrender additional cards easily. The process of PAN Card cancellation online requires a few steps, and information on it is given below.

Online Form for PAN Card Cancellation

An individual needs to have access to a PAN Card cancellation form Online. The form can be easily accessed from the official websites of the Income Tax Department of India. The following steps need to be followed by an individual to obtain a PAN Card cancellation online form. They will also help in understanding how to cancel PAN cards.

  • STEP 1: Open the Website of the Income Tax Department.

    Visit the official website of the Income Tax Department and download the PAN cancellation online form.
  • STEP 2: Open the Homepage

    The second will require the person to open the website's homepage and click on the "Forms" tab.
  • STEP 3: Select the PAN Option

    In the “Form” tab, you will find the “PAN” option. Click on the option from the drop-down menu.
  • STEP 4: Click on the Form

    From the list of the various forms, a person needs to select the option of “PAN Card cancellation form” and open it.
  • STEP 5: Download the Form

    After clicking on the PAN Card cancellation form and opening it, a person needs to download the required form from the website and take a printout. The form should be downloaded in PDF version.
  • STEP 6: Print the Downloaded Form

    After the form is downloaded in PDF, a person must take a printout to fill in the necessary details. The printout should be clear, and then the person can proceed with the rest of the form fillup.
  • STEP 7: Enter the Required Details

    The application will have to enter the required details correctly in the form. The form can ask for details of the PAN Card number, full name, date of birth, address, contact details, and others. Enter the correct details and double-check them later.
  • STEP 8: State the reason for PAN cancellation

    After you complete the necessary details, information will be asked on the reasons for PAN cancellation. Provide the correct reason, and do not give incorrect details.
  • STEP 9: Attach an Identity Proof

    After that, a person must attach a scanned copy of the PAN Card. It will be proof of identity for the person applying for the PAN Card Cancellation form.
  • STEP 10: Provide Other Important Documents

    Upload the scanned copy of other important documents with the PAN Card cancellation form, such as driving license, AADHAR card, passport, birth certificate (if required), and others.
  • STEP 11: Complete the Process

    A person must sign and submit the form after the necessary details are filled, and relevant documents are attached.

Understand How to cancel a PAN Card?

There are various things involved in the process of PAN cancellation. A step-by-step guide is given on how to cancel PAN Card. The cancellation form should be downloaded from the website and filled out by the applicant. After that, the applicant needs to sign the form and send it to the address given on it. The process can sometimes become complex in case of rejection of a form. So, a person should understand how to cancel PAN Card and proceed.

Waiting Period for PAN Cancellation

After submitting the PAN card cancellation form, the process can take up to 10-15 days. After the PAN cancellation form is approved, the individual will receive a confirmation message. Once the confirmation message is received, it will prove that the PAN Card has been canceled and the process is complete.

PAN Card Cancellation Status

On the official website of the Income Tax Department of India, the application status of the PAN Card cancellation form can be checked. Follow the steps to find out how to check the application status of the form.

  • STEP 1: Visit the Income Tax Website

    Firstly, the person applying for PAN Card cancellation must visit India's Income Tax Website to check the application status.
  • STEP 2: Open the Homepage

    The “homepage” of the Income Tax Website has to be opened. Select the “Services Option” available on the homepage.
  • STEP 3: Go to the Services Tab

    On the "Services Tab" of the homepage, select "Know the status of PAN/TAN application." Here, the status of the application will be shown.
  • STEP 4: Enter the Details

    The website will ask for the acknowledgment number after clicking on the "Know status of PAN/TAN application" option. Enter the 15-digit acknowledgment number you provided while submitting the PAN Card application form.
  • STEP 5: Select the Submit Option

    After entering the acknowledgment number, click on the "Submit" option to display the status of an application for PAN Card cancellation.
  • STEP 6: Read the Information Properly

    After the status of the application is displayed, read the information properly. First, the "Under Process" status can indicate that the process is yet to be completed and is under review. Second, the "Accepted" status can be displayed on the screen, implying that the request has been accepted and the process is completed. Lastly, the "Rejected" status can also be displayed. This will imply that the authority has rejected the application due to unavoidable reasons or errors on behalf of the applicant.
  • STEP 7: Contact the Authority in Case of Rejection

    In case of rejection of the form, the concerned authority should be contacted. This will help in finding out the reason for rejection. A new one has to be submitted by the individual again to cancel the PAN Card.

The pointers given above will make a person understand how to check the application status of a form.


The information given in the blog will make a person aware of the process of PAN Card cancellation. It is important first to understand the process and then proceed with it to avoid errors or chances of rejection. A person should know how to check the application status of the form. Moreover, the correct and original identity proof documents should be provided to cancel a PAN Card without additional hindrances.