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Derivatives Market Guide

What is an Iron Butterfly?

Iron butterfly strategy aims to create a market-neutral strategy by combing call and put options with identical expiration dates which consolidate at a middle strike price.

What is Basis in Derivative?

Basis in derivatives is the difference between the spot price (current price) and the strike price (predefined price) of the futures contract.

Short Call Condor in Options Trading

When investing in the Indian financial market, one thing to be certain: Risk. Market risk is the most common and universal within every asset class in the financial market.

Difference between short call butterfly and short condor

Almost every investor in the Indian financial market is different in the way they use investing strategies.

What is Bull Put Spread?

A bull put spread is an options trading strategy in which the trader buys and sells the same number of put options of different strike prices with the same underlying asset and expiration date.

Long Call Condor in Options Trading

A Long Call Condor, similar to a long butterfly strategy, is a neutral market-view strategy that offers limited risk and profit.

What are Long-dated Options?

There are numerous professional investors that earn almost all of their profits from Options trading.

What is Covered Strangle Options Trading?

The Indian stock market is as simple as it gets: you buy stocks at a low price and sell them when the price is higher and make profits based on the price difference.

What is Strangle Option Trading Strategy?

Professional investors understand every factor that can affect the Indian financial market.

What is Long Combo Option Trading Strategy?

A Long Combo strategy is a well-known Bullish trading strategy. This options strategy is generally used when there is a degree of certainty about the rise of market prices.