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Derivatives Market Guide

What is a Short Box Option Trading Strategy?

Investors choose derivative trading for its high potential of diversification and limiting their exposure to the fall of a specific asset class.

What is the Box Spread Options Trading Strategy?

Options trading is a lucrative yet risky investment avenue. The risk, as well as rewards involved in Options, tend to be higher.

What is a Protective Put Option Strategy?

Option trading is the most popular way to earn short-term gains. While the rewards are lucrative, the risk involved also tends to be higher.

What is Protective Call Option Trading Strategy?

Options trading involves various permutations and combinations of Call and Put options.

What is Bear Put Spread?

The bear put spread strategy or bear put spread is when an investor sells a put option while simultaneously buying another put option with the same underlying asset and the expiration date.

What is Collar Options Trading Strategy

The Indian financial market is full of numerous investment opportunities that can offer higher returns with low-risk exposure.

What is bear call spread

A bear call spread is a two-legged options trading technique that involves selling a call option with a lower strike price to collect an upfront premium and simultaneously buy a new call option with a higher strike price.

What are Synthetic Options?

tock exchanges are an excessively volatile arena, which means the market swings constantly. The most common way to profit from market swings is Options. T

What is Put Ratio Back Spread?

The universal truth of the financial market is volatility. Investors who are inexperienced fear volatility as they think it can lower the value of their investments.

What is a Sideways Market?

If you’re planning to become a successful trader, it’s important to learn how to spot sideways markets and find ways to make the most of them.