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How Fiscal policy can impact the interest rate that you pay on your gold loan, business loan, personal loan etc?

Fiscal policy is concerned with the revenues and expenditures of the government. It is therefore also concerned with taxation. This is different from monetary policy. Monetary policy is conducted by central banks. It is concerned with demand and supply of money.

What is capital adequacy ratio (CAR) in the case of banks and NBFCs?

The guidelines regarding the risk weights that have to be assigned to the different types of loans are given by Bank of International Settlements (BIS). Central banks can have risk weight- asset guidelines for their respective countries, based on BIS guidelines.

The two types of haircuts in finance

The word haircut is not only used in the world of hairs. It is also used in the world of finance. A haircut has two meanings in finance. One meaning is the value by which the asset that you have placed as collateral is reduced when a loan is being given against that asset.

What is a Payments Bank?

having payments banks is to increase financial inclusion in remote parts of the country, where there are no physical bank branches. Most payments banks predominantly operate digitally. Customers mainly use them through their mobile apps. Payments banks have very limited number of physical branches.

What is small finance bank?

Small finance banks came into existence only recently. The first small finance bank (SFB) of India, Capital Small Finance Bank, started operating in 2016. An SFB is meant to increase financial inclusion in the country. Therefore, at least 25% of the branches of any small finance bank should be located in rural areas where banking services are absent or not prevalent. 75% of the loans given by a small finance bank should be to priority sectors identified by RBI.

Can I Save Tax By Investing In The Stock Market?

Are equity investments really tax-efficient? That is a question that many investors have. To begin with, equity investment is not your typical Section 80C investment that gives you a tax exemption. But there are quite a few benefits that you can avail from investing in equities. Let us look at some of them.

Damaged Or Lost? Steps To Get A Duplicate Insurance Policy

An insurance policy is a legal document issued by the insurance company and outlines the terms and conditions of the insurance contract. If it is misplaced, lost or damaged, wholly or partially, an application has to be filed for the issuance of a duplicate policy document by following the prescribed procedure, which may vary across insurers.

Account Closing Asks DPs To Refund Balance AMC

Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has asked Depository Participants to refund balance AMC. The Depository Participants (DPs) have a system of collecting account maintenance charge (AMC) from beneficial owners (BOs) towards maintenance of demat accounts for varied periodicity of collection (viz.monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annually).