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Dos and Don'ts for Financial Planning

A lack of basic financial education leaves many young adults mystified about money management. When you begin earning, you may realise that as a young adult, you have more disposable income that you can invest, than you’d have later in life.

What should be the main objective of your financial plan?

Financial Planning is an essential portion of both personal and organisational financial management. Additionally, having a plan in place is the first function of management.

Components of a financial plan?

In the last few years, financial planning has emerged as the gateway to your financial future. Here we look at the components of financial planning and what it entails. We also look at the components of a financial plan in terms of the steps to achieve your financial goals in life.

Difference between financial planning and wealth management

In financial parlance we often tend to confuse with terminologies. We often get confused in financial planning vs wealth management. But there a substantial difference between them. At a broad level, one can say that financial planning is the all-encompassing umbrella while wealth management is one such specialized focused practice targeted at high net worth individuals.

Who requires financial planning?

You must have often wondered as to what is the need of financial planning for individuals. One common question is who needs financial planning? Does it apply to everyone or is it only for certain age groups or certain income and wealth categories.

Importance of financial planning

The good thing is that a lot of investors, especially among the younger generation, are appreciating the importance of financial planning quite early.

What are the Different Tools can I use for my Financial Planning? 

Having understood the concept of financial planning and the process flow, let us come to the tools for financial planning.

What is The Role of a Financial Planner?

A financial planner is a kind of friend, philosopher and guide who helps you meet your long term financial goals

What is Contingency Fund?

Remember the last time your young relative died in an accident and all of you had to fly immediately paying sky-high airfares.

Advantages of Financial Planning

Have you ever wondered as to what are the advantages of financial planning? There are a few things you can infer right away.