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What is stock Split

Stock splits is one of the most common corporate actions in India and across the world. Stock split or share split is about reducing the par value of a stock. For example, reducing the par value of stock from Rs.10 to Rs.5 is a 2:1 stock split and reducing the par value from Rs.10 to Rs.1 is a 10:1 stock split. Having understand the stock split meaning, let us get into detail about what is stock split.

What is Call & Trade

Have you faced a situation where you bought shares and the price is falling but the system is creating problems. You orders may be going through but you are not getting confirmations.

What documents/proofs are required to open a Equity trading account?

In the stock markets, one word you get to hear often is the KYC or the Know Your Client formality. Before opening an equity trading account, you need to do the KYC and that broadly requires submitting details like your PAN card, cancelled cheque , proof of identity, proof residence to the broker for SEBI records.

What is the procedure for placing Stop Loss Orders

One you have understood the concept of stop loss, the next step is to understand the stop loss procedure or how to place the stop loss. Read more about on IIFL Securities Knowledge Center.

What is stop loss?

It must have happened that you bought a stock at Rs.400 and the stock price went to Rs.395. You decided to wait and it dipped further to Rs.390.

How to Calculate Stop Loss

When we talk of intraday trading, we think of stop losses. But that raises a number of questions.

What are Pre-Requisites Before Starting Intraday Trading

Intraday trading looks attractive and also looks high adrenaline. However, there is a lot of preparation required because the more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war.

How to Identify Trends?

You must have heard the term share market trends or stock market trends quite often. What exactly are these trends and how to identify trends in stock market?

What is Equity Trading

Equity trading or stock trading is the buying and selling of equities in the market through your registered trading account. To understand what is equity trading, you must first understand the concept of equities.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Intraday Trading

We understand intraday trading as the initiation and closure of positions on the same day. You can either buy the stock and sell it by the end of day or you can even sell the stock and buy back the stock by the end of the day. In either case, there is no delivery of stocks as the net position is zero.