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Intraday Trading Tips and Strategy

If you are an intraday trader, should you rely on intraday trading tips? Should you devise your own intraday trading strategies?

What is the Timing for Intraday Trading?

An intraday trade has to opened and closed on the same day. In the rolling settlement, if it is not closed on the same day, then it goes to compulsory delivery. Hence the timing for intraday trading is from 9.15 am to 3.30 pm on a daily basis in the Indian markets.

What is value area?

Value area is a concept that we all use in trading, either knowing or unknowingly. We look at value area as a distinct concept and understand what is value area in trading.

Intraday vs Positional Trading: Which One Should You Prefer?

How is an intraday trader different from a positional trader. As the name suggests, an intraday trader looks to close out positions on the same day and carry zero positions overnight.

Can I Short Sell In Delivery Trading

Before we understand short selling in delivery, let us spend a moment understanding the rolling settlement system in India.

Benefits of Online Trading

An online trading platform can be used to execute a buy or sell order within seconds. Whether it is stocks, bonds, options, futures, or currencies, you can trade them online with minimum effort. Such platforms are usually provided by internet-based brokers.

Things To Keep In Mind While Starting Trading In The Equity Market

Indian equity markets have witnessed a large influx of new Demat account holders in the past few months. Millions of young traders have been attracted to discounted prices. Exploring the world of equities is a good step towards financial growth. However, if you are among the first-time traders, you should be aware of certain trading rules to avoid losses.

Points To Remember When Operating Demat Account

In today's digital world, everything has become simpler and easier. For instance, having a demat account has made things convenient for investors and traders in the stock market

Online vs Offline Trading

If you want to trade in share markets, you should understand the fundamentals of share trading. One such aspect is knowing the difference between online and offline trading.