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Online Share Trading

What is Williams %R?

Among numerous technical indicators investors use, the Williams %R indicator is one of the most effective and widely used.

What is Matching Low?

The process to identify the current trend and when it is going to reverse is a part of an extended process called Technical Analysis. This analysis is the study of chart patterns, graphs and diagrams on a screen. The idea is to understand price and volume trends and pick stocks accordingly.

What is Trend Trading?

The one principle that any financial market follows is Trends. A Trend is the direction of the market; it can be bearish (falling prices) or bullish (rising prices).

What is a Sell Signal?

Entering the stock market without a proper strategy and knowledge invites huge losses. For both trader and investor, it is important to decide a limit point at which you will sell the security. This is where the sell signal is important.

What is Slippage?

A universal fact is that financial markets and uncertainty go hand-in-hand. Price movements tend to fluctuate continuously and have an impact on trading.

What are illiquid stocks?

Quite simply, illiquidity is the opposite of liquidity. In the context of a business, illiquidity refers to a company or an organisation that does not have the necessary cash flows to fulfil its debt payments.

What is the Rounding Bottom Pattern?

Analyzing chart patterns is a competitive advantage that helps traders stand out from the crowd. Chart patterns are complete pictorial presentations showing price and volume movements during stock trading periods.

What is Rounding Top?

Have you ever lost your mother in the fair and panicked? You leave her hands and the next moment you are lost amongst the crowd of people without any clue. In terms of the stock market, technical analysis plays the role of your mother.

What is Scalp Trading?

Scalping is the shortest-term trading method where investors use high trading volumes to make a profit rather than trying to increase profits for each trade.

How can I check my Margin Trading Facility positions

Margin trading is a type of investing style that involves buying expensive and over your current budget stocks.You can use your regular trading and linked Demat account to activate the margin trading facility.