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Trading Account

What is the difference between open interest and volume?

Trading in the market requires three things — skill, study & patience. Study, in this case, refers to a thorough evaluation through research to suit the resources available to you.

How does an NRI account work in India?

The Indian stock market is one of the most exciting and fascinating platforms to invest in and make tremendous profits.

What are various Delivery Trading Strategies?

Delivery Trading, quite simply, is the process of taking or delivering shares in a Demat Account.

Features of a trading account

A trading account facilitates an investor to buy and sell shares electronically over the internet.

What you Need to Know Before Starting a Franchise

A franchise has been a preferred choice of business for aspiring business owners with limited resources to start their own venture single-handedly.

How to Start Delivery Trading?

Delivery Trading is a system of trading that provides an opportunity to invest in stocks over the short term (more than 1 day) or long term.

How to reactivate Trading Account

An inactive trading account is when there has been no trading activity within a specified period.

How Much Money do I Need to Start Trading Stocks in India?

Let us put it this way, you can buy 1 stock so if you have Rs 7,500 in your trading account, you can buy 3 shares of Reliance Industries or 5 shares of Infosys. But that is not the point.

How Can I Check my Trading Account Balance

If you are active in the stock markets, the one you want to be constantly updated is the trading account balance.

What are the Different types of Trading Account

In India you get a choice to the extent that you are almost spoilt of choice

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  2. Advanced Derivatives Tools on FnO 360 Platform to trade in Futures & Options
  3. 5paisa App and Web based platforms to Trade and Invest on your own