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Trading Account

Why do I Need a Trading Account?

Look at a trading account in the stock markets as the lever that runs the stock market wheels.

What Documents are Required to Open a Trading Account

Opening a trading account requires you to go through a process called Know Your Client or KYC, which includes submission of key documents to the broker along with the account opening form.

How does a Trading Account Work

The trading account looks so simple and straight forward. You put an order and it is executed in a jiffy.

How to Close a Trading Account?

There can be various reasons for trading account closing. Normal, trading account closing is done when you don’t want to operate in stock markets any longer or don’t want to trade through that broker any longer.

What are the Advantages of a Trading Account?

If you want to buy and sell equity shares, ETFs, futures & options etc, the first thing you need is a trading account

How Gain from Intraday Trading are Taxed?

There is hardly any income in India that is not taxed, so you are surely aware that there is an income tax on intraday trading profit in India.

How to Read Technical Charts

We get into the nuBefore ances of stock chart analysis, you must be clear about how to read stock charts.

How to Transfer Funds into your Trading Account?

There are many things to consider when trading in the stock market, and one of the first decisions you’ll have to make is to fund your

Difference Between NRE And NRO Account

Globalisation is the new normal for the modern world. People migrate to other countries for better opportunities every day. Indians are well known for

Trading Account Opening Fees and Charges

A demat account is necessary to hold your financial securities today. This account not only lets you hold your securities, but also lets you transact, i.e. buy or sell, these securities.