Printing Stationery Sector Performance

Sector Performance is a list of all sectors as provided by the exchanges (BSE/ NSE) and the graphical representation of the % of stocks which are up or down in that sector for the current market session. You can also view the stocks which form a part of the sector by clicking on the sector. This list gives Sector Name, Market Capitalization (in Crores) and % of Stocks Up / Down Breakout Stocks.

Company CMP Change Change(%) Mkt Cap PE
Kokuyo Camlin 146.70 8.6 6.23 1,389.71 0.00
Todays Writing 2.55 0.1 4.08 3.14 0.00
Linc Pen &Plast. 360.00 [4.65] [1.28] 536.80 40.33

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