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What are the Risks Involved in Options Trading?

Any trading in the capital markets is risky and there is no getting away from it. The best you can do is to smartly and prudently manage this risk.

Why are Stocks Banned in F&O?

If you trade in the futures and options space in India, You would have regularly come across the term stating that a particular stock is in the F&O ban period.

What is F&O Ban List?

It often happens that you plan to put some trades in stocks like BHEL, Sun TV or Vodafone Idea in the futures & options market but then your broker tells you that you cannot take fresh positions as the stock is in the F&O Ban List.

What are Different Strategies for Futures Contracts?

Is it really possible to have strategies in futures? After all, futures are plain vanilla products just like the cash market? The truth is that there are futures strategies that are possible in the market.

What is Put Call Ratio?

The put call ratio actually tries to make sense of the loads of puts and calls of various strikes that get traded and make sense of what these trends are really throwing up.

Different Strategies to Trade in Options

Options strategies are basically combinations. We shall look at various types of options strategies along the way and also now to apply such option trading strategies along the way.

How can we Hedge Futures in the Stock Market?

What do we understand by the term “Hedge”. The word hedge means protection or covering your risk.

How to Tackle Volatilty in the Options Market?

If you are in the capital market, then volatility is part and parcen of the game. Of course, by volatility we mean that the markets fluctuate and add to your risk.

Benefits of Options Trading

Options are not only liquid but they are many times larger than the cash market and the futures market in terms of daily volumes.

What are Index Futures?

An index is a benchmark like the Nifty or the Sensex. Typically, indices can be generic benchmarks like Nifty and Sensex. Alternatively, indices can also be thematic benchmarks like the Bank Nifty, Nifty IT etc.