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Derivatives Market Guide

What are market indicators?

Stock market indicators are essentially quantitative tools applied by traders and investors to interpret financial data. The broad intent is to forecast stock market movements and make profits out of the same.

What are the charges on futures contracts?

Even when a broker claims that trading in futures and options is free of cost, it is not free. Even the low-cost brokerage houses make cash trading in delivery free of cost but brokerage on futures is charged.

How to settle futures contracts?

Just as you understand futures trading, it is also important to understand the future contract settlement and especially the future contract settlement process.

Difference between Options and Futures

Managing risk is among the most important functions of security markets and one of the biggest risks is time. Time is a risk because prices change constantly

How to Trade in Futures and Options?

Futures and options are known as derivative products, which mean that they derive their value from an underlying commodity or asset. However, futures and options differ in fundamental ways from each other.