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Derivatives Market Guide

What is Receiver Swaption?

A swap is an agreement that allows users to exchange the cash flows or liabilities from two different financial instruments.

What is a Put Swaption?

Swaptions (Swap + options) is a derivative financial instrument with a swap as the underlying. One party called the writer or seller of the option gives another party called the holder or buyer of the option the right to exchange interest rates.

Collateralized Debt Obligation (CDO)

The Indian financial market is termed the ‘Market for Everyone’, as it includes financial instruments that can cater to the financial needs of every type of investor.

What are E-mini Futures?

Investors are comfortable with the trading techniques they know will help them diversify. Once they know they have achieved their profit goals from equities, they move to other asset classes that have the potential to offer significant profits.

What is a short put option?

A short put is simply the sale of a regular put option. When a put option is sold, the seller is said to short the put option.

What is Short Combination?

A basic principle in the stock market is the occurrence of both the market trends (Bear and Bull) at regular intervals. In the case of a bear cycle, the prices of the securities collapse, forcing investors to lose a chunk of their capital.

What is Double Diagonal?

Derivative trading is one of the most rewarding asset classes for investors who have allocated some capital into equities. Professional investors choose Options contracts within derivatives to ensure they remain liquid and make profits in almost every market situation.

What is Short Covering?

In the financial markets, leverage is used extensively to increase the potential return on investment. Leverage involves using borrowed capital or securities to fund a financial asset.

What is a Short Call?

A short call is an options trading strategy for bearish traders. Essentially, short call traders are bet on a share price fall and benefits from a fall in prices.

What is Ratio Spread?

A ratio spread is a neutral options trading strategy in which an options trader holds an unequal number of long (purchased) and short (written) options contracts.