List of Derivatives Articles

Derivatives Market Guide

What are Currency Derivatives?

Currency derivatives are positions that obtain their value from the underlying currency.

What are call writing options?

Derivatives are standardised financial contracts traded in stock exchanges in a regulated manner.

Bullish Option Strategy

A bullish options strategy can be an effective way to increase your investment profits while reducing the amount of risk at any given time.

What is a Bull Call Spread?

A bull call spread strategy is an Options trading strategy that uses two Call Options with different strike prices to create a range.

What is a Credit Spread Strategy?

The credit spread Options strategy is a simple yet popular trading strategy. It involves buying and selling Call or Put Options with the same underlying asset and expiration date.

Put Call Parity

Options trading is one of the most sought-after asset classes that traders and investors leverage to make low risk and steady profits.

Intrinsic and Time Value of Options

Professional investors rely on their income from the Indian financial market to make a living. Hence, they need to find investments with the highest profit potential.

How are Futures Prices Determined?

For traders who rely on technical analysis for devising trading strategies, price movements and past trends aid in decision making.

What are Options Greeks?

Generally, new investors tend to put their money in stocks as they are one of the most sought after and straightforward asset classes.

What is Cash Settlement?

Almost all investors start their investing journey through the stock market. The idea is simple, you buy the shares at a low price and sell them when the prices are high, thereby making a profit.