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SEBI To Expand Reach Of Stock Exchanges

The stock exchanges having nationwide terminals should provide arbitration facility (i.e arbitration as well as appellate arbitration) at least at all centres specified by SEBI from time to time, SEBI said in a circular on Friday.

Acts Of God In Property Insurance

In property insurance, you invariably come across the term acts of god which are covered under the insurance policy. The term simply means natural disasters or calamities which are beyond human control and which cannot be caused by human beings.

Five Businesses You Can Start With Zero Investment

Financial crises, over the years, have forced many to rethink their decisions of continuing a vulnerable job and prompted others to start their own ventures. However, the requirement of an initial capital to start a business have discouraged many without any investible surplus.

The law of digital signature

Is there a difference between electronic and digital signature? Yes, though many people often use the terms interchangeably. But on a closer analysis it can be noticed that the term electronic signature is very wide and ‘digital signature is only one kind of electronic signature

10 key features of RERA Act

The RERA Act is considered as one of the landmark legislations passed by the Indian Parliament. Its objective is to address grievances of buyers and to bring transparency and accountability in country’s real estate sector. This is in line with the vast and growing economy of India as in future many people will be investing in real estate sector.

Which sector earns the highest salary in India?

Analysing the trends of the Indian market, the report shows that with a median gross salary of RS.291finance is the second most lucrative sector. Employees in this field are highly educated, and for these it reflects in their salaries with an average of ₹300 per hour.

Details About The 7th Pay Matrix For Central Government Employees

There are two dimensions to the 7th Pay Matrix table. With numbers assigned from 1 to 18, every level corresponds to a functional role in the hierarchy, under the horizontal range.

My Health Insurance Policy Is In My Maiden Name; Can I Still Claim?

To avoid these kinds of situations, what is important is to maintain consistency of the name you want to use and keep it consistent across all documents. For example, if you opt to use your maiden name after marriage, make it consistent across all documents.

What If My Cheque Gets Lost In Transit?

A cheque deposited in a bank can be rejected for reasons ranging from an incorrect date to a spelling error. Then there are the numerous cheques that are lost in transit you put it in the drop box, but it never turns up for processing at the bank branch.