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What If My Cheque Gets Lost In Transit?

A cheque deposited in a bank can be rejected for reasons ranging from an incorrect date to a spelling error. Then there are the numerous cheques that are lost in transit you put it in the drop box, but it never turns up for processing at the bank branch.

What are CPPs and how they work?

Card Protection Plans (CPPs) to safeguard the interests of card holders. The plan aims to secure a person against the odds of losing his card, be it financial or non-financial. This way, an individual secures not only his credit or debit card from theft but also other cards like Pan Card, driving license or membership cards.

4 Steps To Follow If Your Wallet Is Stolen With Credit And Debit Cards

People tend to carry all their credit and debit cards in their wallet. It may be a tad risky, but it is so much more convenient. Sounds good; till you actually end up losing your wallet! Nowadays, people don’t carry too much of cash as access to cash is much easier and most payments are done digitally. The real risk in losing your wallet is losing your debit cards and credit cards as they have monetary value embedded in them.

From Rags To Riches: Indians Who Aced The Stock Market

Never give up is the key to being successful. Successful people are those who waded through their difficulties and overcame them to reach where they are today. The only thing that made them rich was that they didn't give up, even when life wanted them to.

How To Open A Swiss Bank Account?

The popularity of Swiss banks may leave one wondering on the process of opening accounts in these banks. The quest is over as here is the roadmap to opening a Swiss Bank Account.

What if your cheque issued gets bounced?

A cheque issued by you can be dishonoured by the bank for various reasons. There could be an overwriting on the cheque, which makes the cheque invalid. Alternatively, there could be a mismatch between the master signature in the bank records and your signature on the cheque.

10 Basic Terminologies That You Should Know About Indian Banking

As a retail banking customer, you should be aware of these terminologies that can benefit you in educating yourself about banking and finances.We have compiled a list of 10 basic terminologies that anyone associated with Indian banking should be aware of. So, let us get started and understand the meaning of each of these:

Pros And Cons Of Extending Retirement Age In India

The Economic Survey suggests that higher retirement age is essential for the sustainability of the current pension system. Add to that, 7 in every 10 working individuals in the country expect financial support from their children post their retirement.

Group personal accident insurance policy

The key benefit of GPA insurance policy is that it provides compensation in the event of death or disability of an insured employee directly due to accident.

Tips to handle Credit Card Debt of a deceased loved one

Death of a loved one brings with it pain and dissolution to the family, nevertheless life continues. Often when the departed is a parent, they leave not only their assets but also their liabilities. Here are 5 pointers on how to handle credit card debts of a deceased loved one.