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financial planning

Importance of Pension Plans

Pension plans serve as a means of financial stability and security after retirement. It is an insurance plan providing financial coverage for your old age and is sponsored by the company fund. In other words,

Five easy ways to gain financial literacy

Financial literacy is understanding how money works: how you make, manage, invest and expand it.

EMI vs SIP - Which one is better?

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) provides you a disciplined approach to investment and that too at a very nominal amount to start with. All you need to do is quantify the amount for whatever you are planning to buy, based on which you can plan your SIP amount.

Some little known facts about NPS & NPS Lite

A defined contribution plan is a type of retirement plan in which fixed contributions are paid into an individual account by employers and employees.

Understand the basic concepts of VAT

It is collected fractionally, via a system of deductions whereby taxable persons can deduct from their VAT liability the amount of tax they have paid to other taxable persons on purchases for their business activities. This mechanism ensures that the tax is neutral regardless of how many transactions are involved.

How to overcome Financial Crisis during the Pandemic

Ever since COVID 19 Pandemic hit us, it changed our lifestyles, our thought process our outlook, approach and the whole scenario, drastically across the globe. None of us had ever imagined the times that we are living in.

What is TDS Returns? How to file TDS Returns?

Tax deducted at source (TDS) is the practice of reducing tax evasion and spillage by making it mandatory to deduct TDS from payments at pre-defined rates. Whether your employer pays you salary, or your client pays you fees or the bank pays you interest on deposits; there are clear rules and rates prescribed for deduction of TDS.

What is gratuity? How to calculate gratuity?

The Central Government amended the Payment of Gratuity Act of 1972 under the 7th Central Pay Commission roll out in 2017. Under the amendment, the ceiling on tax free gratuity was doubled to Rs20 lakhs from Rs10 lakhs earlier.

Compounding vs annualised yield

Open any newspaper today and you are likely to be bombarded with bank advertisements encouraging you to invest in their fixed deposits (FDs). Each bank is trying to out-do the other by offering very lucrative interest rates.