List of Online share trading Articles

Online Share Trading

Benefits of Online Trading

An online trading platform can be used to execute a buy or sell order within seconds. Whether it is stocks, bonds, options, futures, or currencies, you can trade them online with minimum effort. Such platforms are usually provided by internet-based brokers.

Things To Keep In Mind While Starting Trading In The Equity Market

Indian equity markets have witnessed a large influx of new Demat account holders in the past few months. Millions of young traders have been attracted to discounted prices. Exploring the world of equities is a good step towards financial growth. However, if you are among the first-time traders, you should be aware of certain trading rules to avoid losses.

Points To Remember When Operating Demat Account

In today's digital world, everything has become simpler and easier. For instance, having a demat account has made things convenient for investors and traders in the stock market

Online vs Offline Trading

If you want to trade in share markets, you should understand the fundamentals of share trading. One such aspect is knowing the difference between online and offline trading.

What is Options Trading?

Options are derivative contracts that grant the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to either buy or sell a sum of some underlying asset at or before the contract expires at a fixed price. Options can be acquired with brokers through online trading accounts as with any other asset group.

What are the Financial Instruments Traded on the Stock Market?

Investing in the stock market involves the exchange of financial instruments which is continuous and ongoing. Some people (Intraday or day traders) do not hold their financial instruments for long by buying or selling on the same day while others trade for the long term and hold financial instruments.

Common Mistakes People Make While Trading Online for the First Time

For a new investor, stock markets can be an alluring place. While trading for the first time, it might feel like legalised gambling, where people make and lose their fortunes

Eight Rules for Selecting Stocks for Intraday Trading

Intraday trading has become a popular choice among new-age investors who want to make quick profits without waiting for a long time. With the right techniques, intraday trading can be a profitable endeavour.

Intraday Trading Guide for Beginners

Most investors who started decades ago and have become successful in the stock markets are long-term investors. In the past, the stock market followed an open outcry system that did not have technology backed investing platforms and widespread financial tools for detailed analysis.

What is Derivative Trading?

The financial market system in India can be broadly classified into two areas; the cash segment and the derivative segment. The cash segment has always been an investor favourite of the investors. However, India has witnessed a huge surge in derivatives’ turnover and trading volume in the past few years.