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When do You Get Delivery of Stocks After Buying

You know that when you buy stocks the delivery of stocks will be received on T+2 date. But have you ever wondered what goes on between the time you place the order and it is executed and the time you get the delivery of stocks in your demat account

What are the Brokerage Charges for Delivery Trading

When you buy and sell stocks in the stock market using your trading account, there is a cost which is the delivery trading charges. Of course, there is brokerage for delivery, which is the fee you pay the broker for execution of the trade.

What is equity delivery?

Worlds like equity delivery or equity market delivery are normally used interchangeably for equities. Actually, they are one and the same. To understand what is equity delivery, think of a buyer of stocks.

What is Delivery in the Stock Market?

What is delivery in stock market parlance and what is delivery trading all about. Delivery trading is when you buy a stock and take it into your demat account or when you sell a stock you hold via a debit to your demat account.

What is Short Squeeze?

There are numerous types of investors in the financial market. Some may be comfortable with doing intraday while others may be swing traders or short sellers and others may invest systematically and be called contrarian investors.

What is the Relative Strength Index?

The Indian stock market has come a long way from an open outcry system where investors had to visit the stock exchanges with physical share certificates to make a trade.

The Best Positional Trading Strategies

If you want to trade in stocks but can't keep up with the daily fluctuations, and don't want to engage in long-term investments, then positional trading could be ideal for you.

What is the Diamond Top Formation?

Diamond Top Formation is one such technical analysis pattern used by traders to predict price movements.

What is Turtle Trading?

Around the world, the securities market has been a constant source of curiosity and experimentation. Various traders have developed strategies and patterns after prolonged research and experience.