List of Online share trading Articles

Online Share Trading

What is the Red Ocean Strategy?

Businesses today strive to remain afloat amid fierce competition in their industry. One company has to level up against the other.

What are Blue Ocean Strategies?

All businesses have one goal: Profitability. However, the term profitability is comprehensive.

What is MTM?

You enter the financial market with Rs 1,00,000 capital. You do your research and invest them in good financial assets.

What is Position Trading?

Position Trading is a long term investing approach which follows the strategy of buy-and-hold for months or even years.

What is a Bid-Ask Spread?

The stock market is not a lottery. But, individuals, corporations, and governments use the stock market as an auction to buy and sell securities.

What is Swing Trading?

The universe of stocks is one of the most rewarding ones. Yes, it is true that long term investments tend to provide higher returns as good stocks always go up in price and give regular dividends to the shareholders.

What is the Sushi Roll Reversal Pattern?

The Sushi Roll technique was developed by Mark Fisher in his book ‘The Logical Trader.’ The Sushi Roll Reversal Pattern is a technical analysis tool constituting the study of candlestick charts.

Basic EPS vs Diluted EPS

When investors talk about earnings per share (EPS), they generally refer to basic or diluted EPS. Basic EPS is calculated by dividing a company’s net income after taxes by its weighted average shares outstanding during a specific period.

What is Schaff Trend Cycle?

The Schaff and Trend Cycle Indicator (STC) is a charting or technical indicator that allows investors to predict the market trend.

Three Inside Up and Down

Professional and experienced investors utilise every opportunity in the stock market to make profits. If the stock prices are falling, they start their research to identify a stock that is undervalued and invest in it at a time when the price is poised to rise.