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Online Share Trading

How to Use Moving Averages to Buy Stocks ?

Moving averages are a powerful and useful concept in trading. It is an integral part of technical analysis.

Difference Between Order Book and Trade Book

You must have frequently come across terms like order book and trade book while trading online.

Which are the major stock exchanges to trade equities?

A stock exchange is a place where financial instruments like equities, futures and options are bought and sold. In short, these equity and other financial products are traded real time on the stock exchange.

What is resistance in share market?

One of the common terms used in the stock markets is the term resistance. Now, resistance in share market can be technical or intuitive. For example, if you find a stock constantly touching a level of say, Rs.200 and coming down, you can call the stock price of Rs.200, its resistance in stock market. The other way to look at resistance in stock market is the technical level that you get to see in charts.

How to read equity research reports?

If you have been in the stock markets for some time, it is very likely that you have seen one of those glossy equity research reports either of companies or of industries. The idea of an equity research report is to give a view and a justification on why a particular stock is attractive from an investment perspective.

Basic Terminologies of Online Trading

To understand online trading, you need to spend time and delve into the basics of online trading.

What Are the Pre-Requisites for Online Trading?

There are basic things you must understand about online trading requirements. Let us start off with how to open the online trading account.

What are the Risk Involved in Online Trading?

Just as online trading is convenient and simple, it also overly relies on technology.

What are the Advantages of Online Trading?

No discussion on online trading is really complete without discussion of the advantages of online trading at length

What is Online Share Trading?

Today, online trading is become more than the norm rather than the exception.