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Importance Of Receiving ITR-V Acknowledgement

ITR-V stands for Income Tax Return“Verification™ Form. It is a one page document. ITR-V is received when you file your I-T return online”without using a digital signature. It is sent by the I-T Department.

Avail Tax Deductions & Exemptions On Stock Investments

Investing in equity not only helps you diversify your portfolio but also fetches high returns in the long term. Investing in equity also offers various tax exemptions and deductions which you can avail of on your stock market investments.

Steps to follow if your TDS does not reflect on Income Tax Website

One of the first documents that we are supposed to check when filing tax returns is the Form 26AS. This is automatically uploaded by the Income Tax department into your secured PAN access area in the e-filing website. Form 26AS is not only an important document but also one of the most authentic records of how much tax has been deposited by your deductor into the government account.

Why early Tax planning is important?

The importance of tax planning is often undermined. This stems from either a lack of information, ignorance, discipline or even the dearth of time. It's time though to turn that around and have a look at why tax planning is so important.

What is nil tax return? When can you file it?

Filing of nil tax returns is no different for any individual than filing regular income tax returns. You can e-file your returns online in a few simple steps.

Have you filed the wrong ITR form?

This is a common problem when you use the right form but make mistakes in filling up the form or omit important items. However, you don't need to worry as the tax department gives you the option to rectify your error under section 154. The process is quite simple, Just log in to the e-filing portal and under the rectification tab, choose the order/intimation to be rectified and the assessment year.

Five things happen if you don't pay tax

The Indian Tax structure is complex, which is difficult for a common man to comprehend. Many times in absence of proper information and lack of awareness individuals neglect their tax formalities altogether.

What is securities transaction tax

STT is levied on purchase or sale of securities that are listed on the Indian stock exchanges. This would include shares, derivatives, or equity-oriented mutual funds units,

Stamp duty on transfer of shares

According to the Indian Stamp Act, 1899, the Central Government levies stamp duty on the exchange of instruments, where an instrument is defined as any document by which any right or liability is created, or is purported to be created, transferred, limited, extended, extinguished or recorded.

Tax planning for your income from house property

The Income Tax Act divides the income received by a person into five different heads. One of them is the income from house property that comprises the income earned by a person through the property(s) owned by him/her.