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What is Income Tax?

Income Tax refers to the amount you pay directly to the government which is a percentage of the total income you earn in a financial year.

What is Tax Planning?

Taxes in India consume a considerable portion of your earnings. Without proper tax planning, this compulsory contribution can eat a large bite of your hard-earned money.

Can NRI Open Trading Account?

The essential goal of earning money is eventually to let your money make more money! While there are numerous ways of multiplying one’s wealth, the traditional method that everyone turns to is the Stock Market! The equal-risk equal-gain opportunity stock trading markets offer, reels in investors from all corners.

How much Income Tax do I need to pay?

You may have rummaged Google in an attempt to find the right answer, all for nought. The amount of income tax to be paid depends solely on how much you earn and your total taxable income.

Tax Saving Investments Under 80c

The Indian law requires everyone who earns to pay income tax. The more you earn, the higher the tax. However, in the long term, paying higher taxes is attributed to lesser savings.

Tax Saving Investments for Salaried Employees

Tax contributions in India are fueled by salaried employees. From the data available, salaried employees, on average, pay three times more taxes than individual business taxpayers. Paying taxes on