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We herewith submit the Management Discussion & Analysis Report on the business of the Company for the year ended 31st March, 2021. In this we have attempted to include discussion on all the specified matters to the extent relevant or within limits that in our opinion are imposed by the Companys own competitive position.


The Company is presently engaged in renting business of immovable properties and also invest in Shares and securities for non operating income.


A summary of major performance indicators is given below, while the detailed and physical performance may be viewed from the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account and the Annexures thereto.

2020-21 2019-20
(Rs in Lakhs) (Rs in Lakhs)
Total revenue 78.60 65.38
Net Profit 7.49 68.67

The outbreak of COVID-19 virus continues to spread across the globe including India and has caused significant disruption of businesses including our Company. Initially, the Company had to shutdown its Working Facilities. The Corporate office in Mumbai has been also shut down following nationwide lockdown by the Government of India in the last week of March 2020, which to some extent impacted in financial results for the quarter but did not materially impact the financial results for the year ended 31st March 2021.

In Assessing the recoverbility of Company assests such as Investment, Trade receivable etc. The Company has considered internal and external information upto date of approval of these financial results and expects to recover the carrying amount of the assests. However, the management will continues to closely monitor the evolving situation and assess its impact on the operations of the Company. The actual effects of COVID-19 could be different from what is presently assessed and would be known only in due course of time.


The unprecedented scale of the impact of COVID-19 on Indian real estate renting business can be gauged from the fact that the sector has incurred a huge loss since the pandemic broke out. The pandemic resulted in a serious liquidity crunch for the real estate developers. The credit shortage brought down the residential sales in 2020-21 across the top seven cities of India. However, hopes have been revived that the upcoming year will prove to be good for the industry.


The Company is conscious of the need for environmentally, clean and safe operations. Our industry is not a polluting one. The Companys policy requires that all operations be conducted in such a way as to ensure safety of all concerned, compliance of statutory and industrial requirement for environment protection and conservation of natural resources.

This company policy includes the measures to mitigate the spread of coronavirus and to follow all rules diligently, to sustain a healthy and safe workplace in this unique environment.

This coronavirus (COVID-19) company policy is susceptible to changes with the introduction of additional governmental guidelines.


Despite the adverse conditions, Management is making efforts for the speedy recovery of business operations. Internal control system had been found to be adequate and is continuously reviewed for further improvement. Our team is committed to the Boards dictates on standards of conduct as well as good governance and exercise of due diligence including compliances of all relevant laws and regulations. Our appreciation is due to all employees and gratefulness to our Board, shareholders, financial institutions/Banks and other stakeholders.


Statements in this “Management Discussion & Analysis” which seek to describe the companys objectives, projections, estimates, expectations or predictions may be considered to be forward looking statements within the meaning of applicable Laws and Regulations.

Actual results could differ materially from those expressed or implied. Important factors that could make a difference to the companys operations include global and Indian demand supply conditions, finished goods prices, stock availability and prices, cyclical demand and pricing in the companys markets, changes in the government regulations, tax regimes, economic developments within India and countries with which the company conducts business besides other factors, such as litigation and other labour negotiations.

Date: 31st August, 2021
Place: Mumbai