Mansoon Trading Company Ltd Management Discussions.

Industry Structure and Development

During the year under review some major financial companies defaulted thereby affecting the liquidity in the markets. NBFCs too witnessed decline in disbursements and margin contraction due to rising cost of funds.

Opportunities and Threats

Your Company being engaged in Financial and Investment activities seek opportunities in the Financial and Investment market. The volatility in the market indices in the financial year under report represents both an opportunity and challenge for the Company.

The Capital market activities in which most of our activities depends on is also influenced by global events happening in the US, UK and China, hence there is an amount of uncertainity in the near term outlook of the market.


Your Company operates only single segment which is non-banking financial services (Granting/taking of loans and making Long term Investments).

Future Outlook

The liquidity crisis coupled with increasing stress on the corporate segment warrants caution. The global economy and overseas factors exerts pressure in the capital market. Also within India visible slow down has been observed even in the defensive sector like Fast Moving Consumer Goods. The advent and Prediction of Mansoon is also key factor to be watched

Your Company continue to see the significant opportunity in the market and will use periods of interim weakness as investment opportunities on long term.

Risk and concerns

Your Company is more dependent on the Indian Capital markets for its return. Even though it is envisaged that Indian stock market will continue to do well, but global concern can result in sharp corrections.

For and on behalf of the Board of Directors of Mansoon Trading Company Limited
Vikas B. Kulkarni P. K. Jajodia
Place: Mumbai Managing Director Director
Date : 28.05.2019 (DIN: 08180938) (DIN: 00376220)