Packtech Industries Ltd Management Discussions.

PACKTECH INDUSTRIES LIMITED ANNUAL REPORT 2009-2010 MANAGEMENT DISCUSSION AND ANALYSIS * Industry Structure and Performance: The Company was in the business of manufacturing of HDPE/PP woven sacks. Production activities have been stopped since February 2001. * Financial Review: During the year under review the company earned profit after tax of Rs.4,45,188/-. However, the accumulated losses brought forward from earlier years were of Rs. 3,41,68,869/- thereby resulting in overall loss of Rs.3,37,23,681/- as compared to loss of Rs. 3,41,68,869/- for the previous year. * Internal Control: The Company has formed audit committee and has adequate internal control system in existence. * Outlook and opportunities: Presently, production activities have been stopped since February 2001. Management is looking for new avenues. * Human Resource: The Company has no employee other than Managing Director.