Parsoli Corporation Ltd Management Discussions.

I. Industry Structure and Developments:

Your Company is primarily engaged in the business of broking. Presently the Company is not carrying any business, however now the Company is keen to start the commercial operations and is striving hard to carry full fledge business activity. This would help the Company to generate the profits in near future.

ii. Opportunities:

The Company is keen in starting the commercial production and is striving hard to carry lull- fledged business. The Company is working for survival and to face the stiff competition in the market.

iii. Outlook:

The Company is expecting better prospects for its business in the coming years and it believes that the business of the Company will grow in near future.

iv. Risk and Concerns:

The Company is functioning in the competitive market where there are number of small scale and medium scale Companies/Industries. There are number of similar kind of service providers present in the market and therefor there is pressure on the margin of the Company.

v. Internal Control System and its adequacy:

The Company maintains internal control system in order to ensure efficiency of operations, compliance with internal policies, applicable laws and regulation. I he internal audit function conducted by independent Chartered Accountants firm for monitoring statutory and operational issues.

The system of Internal Control of the Company is adequate keeping in mind the size and complexity of your companys business. Systems are regularly reviewed to ensure effectiveness.

vi. Financial Performance:

Financial Performance with respect to operational Performance is discussed in the main part of the report.

vii. Material Development in Human Resources/Industrial Relations:

Company continued to have cordial & harmonious relation with its employees. Company is putting thrust on providing training both in house and outside.