Asis Logistics Ltd Management Discussions.


This report covers the operations and financial performance of the Company for the year ended 31st March, 2019 and forms part of the Directors’ Report.

Background of the Company

• ASIS is one of the Indias leading integrated logistics solution providers covering all the aspects of supply chains like transport, Custom Clearance (CHA), Warehousing, Freight Management etc.

• Having established the credentials in these areas since 1993, ASIS has developed capability of handling huge quantity of materials, ODC cargo with Loading/ Unloading, warehousing and transportation services.

• ASIS advisory services on indirect tax matters help to ensure reduction of landed cost of import and optimization of export benefits.

• Overriding customer focus of ASIS ensures that the solutions are tailor-made as per specific needs of the customers. Customized solution given by ASIS helps client in making distinctive improvement in their performance.

• ASIS Logistics Ltd is the first logistics company in India to be awarded the Prestigious ISO 9002 Certificate by Quality Assurance Services - Australia. As all the core services offered by ASIS have been awarded ISO 9001:2000 certification, they are continuously reviewed for improvement and operational excellence.

• ASIS has a very eminent and experienced Management at its helm and is ably assisted by professional executives staff deployed at multi locations

Customs Clearing and Forwarding

• Indian Customs Law requires CHA to obtain licences from Customs Authorities at various ports before they render their services.

• ASIS has CHA license for Mumbai, JNPT, Air Cargo, Goa, Kandla, Pipavav Port, Delhi, Mundra, Pithampur and Bangalore which contribute over 40% of country’s foreign trade.

• CHA operations of the ASIS group, was the very first in India to be awarded ISO 9002 certification in the year 1999.

• With the experience of over 20 years, ASIS is uniquely and strongly placed to study and analyse any task assigned to it before presentation to revenue, licensing and port authorities and thereby reducing the possible procedural lapses and delays.

• ASIS has required infrastructure and resources for meeting the needs of the customers in the most cost effective and timely way.

Services as CHA

• The services offered by ASIS as CHA includes all procedural requirements of customs, port, shipping line & local administration, Octroi, Excise & other Governmental agencies.

• ASIS has also material handling services that cover everything from loading, unloading, shifting, examination, transportation & warehousing.

• On specific request, arrangements can also be made for re-packing, labelling, surveying, inspection, insurance claims etc.

Post Import & Post Export Compliances

• It is a known fact that all Exim trade needs to have strong and accountable system for post import / export work involving redemption of bonds, bank guarantee, undertakings, refunds, etc. Many times, even the original documents are not available, resulting into the need for reconstruction.

• ASIS being a knowledge-based organization has proved their merit in handling such complex matters for many leading companies in India.

Service List

The services offered by ASIS as CHA are as below:


• Import under duty payment

• Import under duty exemption /refund

• Project import including registration and closure

• Import for the purpose of re-export

• Bonding of Import consignment

• De-bonding of bonded import consignment

• Post import compliances

• Material handling (inspection, packing, repacking, labeling, insurance, loading, unloading, storage, examination and other works etc. required for facilitating the consignment to reach up to its final destination.

• Services as Consignment agent.


• Clearing of export consignment under free shipping bills

• Clearing of export consignment under DEEC shipping Bill

• Execution of Bond and Guarantees for availing duty exemption

• Post export matters relating to redemption of Bond and Guarantees.


• All post import and post export matters

• Verifications

• Reconstruction of lost/misplaced documents

• Redemption of Bonds and Guarantees

• Material handling in customized manner

• Transportation

• Warehousing

• Arranging transfer export incentives in lieu of duty

Advising, Documentation, Presentation, Follow Up, Sharpening competitive edge.

• Most of the transactions in India even now involve 30 to 40% of transaction value in the form of indirect taxes and duties.

• ASIS makes business more profitable and simple by ensuring that all the benefits in the form of exemption, refund, concession and deferment legally permissible to their clients are timely availed of.

• The practice adopted by ASIS is supported with deep understanding of law used for the advantage of their customers through tailor made initiatives.

• ASIS adds substantial value to the customers’ business by reducing cost and time on approvals, interpretations and compliances.

• ASIS improves competitive edge by reducing unforeseen losses on account of procedural lapses, improper presentation, incomplete understanding of law and poor supply chain management.

• ASIS also help in representing the trade and industry for change in law relating to duty, taxes, import restriction, imposition of tariff & non-tariff barriers and export promotion

• In respect of EPC contracts ASIS works as retainer or advisor for specified contract from the stage of offer against tender so that the impact of taxes & duties is correctly taken in consideration and in case ant refund or exemptions are planned they are timely and surely availed.

• The team ASIS is committed to the highest level of ethics, integrity and confidentiality.

Exim Data

• ASIS maintains reliable and updated data base on import, export, demand, production and capacities.

• With ASIS as your associate, you are assured of deep commercial insight in the area of your interest.

• Vast experience and knowledge of ASIS in taxation, duties and procedural matters integrated with commercial knowledge and data helps in continuous sharpening of competitive edge.

• The large client base of ASIS can also help in the possibility of joint ventures.

Service list

Major services offered by ASIS as Advisor are as below:


• Excise & Customs

• Service tax & Vat

• Anti-dumping duty & Safe Guard duty

• Administrative ministry

• Ports & Shipping lines

• Tribunal

• EPC Contracts

Transportation &Total Logistics Solutions

• In today’s fast moving and dynamic business world, transportation is the most vital part in the operations.

• Estimate suggests that the transport cost constitute from 5% to 30% of sales value on every transaction.

• Proper transportation ensures better and smoother business transactions. Therefore, efficient transportation is the key to all business solutions.

• The growing road and port congestion requires professionally managed transport service to avoid heavy burden and uncertainties for companies.

• Globalization of trade has also expanded the role of logistic sector and enhanced the need for a value added services by logistic companies.

• The clients now expect logistic company to contribute in reducing inventory, better response, more flexibility and lesser risk.

• This requires logistic companies to work in partnership with the customers and other service providers by contributing in all the aspects of supply chain for reducing the cost and time involved in the movement of the goods.

Fast and Efficient

• We have all the experience and the expertise when it comes to any kind of transportation.

• ISO 9001:2000 certifications of transport services allow ASIS to help in improving accountability, answerability and data for further improvement.

• Registration with Indian Bank Association (IBA) conform the financial credentials ASIS provides transport services through a large fleet of cargo carriers under their disposal, as owners and through attached fleet also.

• Core expertise of ASIS in contract logistic supported by advisory services results into substantial reduction in the cost and time of logistics and improves efficiency,

• The transport solutions provided by ASIS are repeatable, meet customers’ needs and are adaptable to all sectors of the trade.

• As a logistics provider, ASIS also provides customized services, optimization of interfaces, management of cargo from ports or factories, route optimization, etc.