Jumbo Finance Ltd Management Discussions.

A. Industry Structure and Development

The Company is engaged in business of Non-Banking Financial Services (i.e. granting of loans, making investments, etc).

B. Opportunities and Threats

There are high opportunities and no threats in the company.

C. Segment-wise Performance

The Company is engaged in only one business i.e. Non-Banking Financial Services (granting ot loans, making investments, etc.) and hence segment-wise performance is not provided.

D. Outlook

The outlook for the Companys business is very bright because of the opportunities for investment in the current market conditions is high.

E. Risk and Concerns

Competitive scenarios in investment sector are the major areas of risk and concern for your Company.

F. Internal Control Systems and their Adequacy

The Company has satisfactory internal control system, the adequacy of which has been mentioned in the Auditors Report.

G. Human Resources

In the field of Human Resources, the Company will develop speedily control departments and hire qualified people for the same.