Ardi Investments & Trading Company Ltd Management Discussions.


Business Overview:

The Company is engaged into the activities such as Corporate Finance & Advisory Services and trading in shares, Investments, etc. The Company is taking number of initiatives to consolidate and improve margins and return on capital which will in turn enhance the shareholders value. The current year was a better year for the Company. Due to uncertain finance market, the Company is taking a cautious view and will adopt its investment policies accordingly.


Standalone Profit:

During the fiscal 2019, the gross operational loss of the Company stood at Rs. (4,05,900)


a) EXPANSION OF EXISTING ACTIVITIES: Our Company intends to expand its financial Services and trading services.

b) FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT/ADVISORY SERVICES: We have an in house team which has the capacity to provide services in the area of financial management. Our Company is planning to foray into business of financial management/advisory services /Trading with the potential clients.

c) DIFFERENTIATED SERVICES: In the growing economy, the corporate clients will be requiring funds for further expansions. Our Company would be providing all diversified service portfolio under one umbrella to cater most of the customer needs and demands.

d) BRAND RECOGNITION: We are in such a business where we are facing lot of competition. We are planning to put more efforts to build Comfort as a well known brand.



Promoted and managed by qualified and experienced professionals. The board of our Company comprises of qualified professionals, experienced in the industry.


Despite our ready contacts for business development & listing on esteemed Exchange (BSE), our company is not a well established brand. Further we do not have branches on PAN India basis, so we are not able to explore the Business Opportunities.


With increased desire of individuals to improve their standard of living, the industry is getting exposed to new category of Client (Individuals) in a big way with large share of business coming from this segment apart from corporate clients.


Economic Downturn: If the Economic downturn is prolonged it can reduce the financing need of people due to shrinking business opportunities.


Internal Control Systems has been designed to provide reasonable assurance that assets are safeguarded, transactions are executed in accordances with managements authorization and properly recorded and accounting records are adequate for preparation of financial statements and other financial information. Internal check is conducted on a periodical basis to ascertain the adequacy and effectiveness of internal control systems.


Statement in the Management Discussion & Analysis, describing the companys objectives, projections and estimates are forward looking statement and progressive within the meaning of applicable laws & regulations. Actual result may vary from those expressed or implied. Important developments that could affect the companys operations are significant changes in political and economic environment in India, tax laws, RBI regulations, exchange rate fluctuation and other incidental factors.