Muzali Arts Ltd Management Discussions.

Your Directors have pleasure in presenting the Management Discussion and Analysis report for the year ended on 31st March 2021.


Muzali Arts Limited Formerly known as Welcon International Limited is mainly engaged in manufacturing of furniture and trading of Antique items. The Company is exploring various options to improve margins of the Company, by having tight control on expenses & exploring various business activities. Despite various adverse factors we firmly believe that Indian economy will grow this presents vast opportunities for us to grow our businesses in the medium to long term, though short term pain remains a possibility. We further believe the policy of liberalization and forward looking regulatory changes will help markets grow in size. While positive Government policies and regulatory changes do enlarge the scope of opportunities for all sector in which Company operate and companies, lack of or delay in reforms or certain regulatory changes can significantly impact the performance or make an existing business model unviable. The growth in the all sector is very good and Management expects better results in forth coming year.


The Company trades in a single business segment.


Opportunities in all the three sectors are enormous. However, each of the sectors of the company has inherent threats, risks and concerns, peculiar and applicable to each sector, like, changes and uncertainty of regulations, rising inflation, international factors, demand supply fluctuations, input cost fluctuations etc. Your company is well placed to face all of these threats, risks and concerns.


The Indian economy is driven by the government with its ‘Make in India slogan and bold initiatives for overall socio-economic development towards continued growth prospectus. Your company is well poised to reap the benefits in all the sectors. The outlook of the management in all the sectors is positive in spite of variety of adversity of factors.


Your Company has adequate and appropriate internal control systems. The Senior Management periodically reviews factors and issues that influence the Companys Business and takes appropriate decisions to ensure that the Companys interest and that of the stakeholders is protected. The Company has an inbuilt system of internal checks and controls. The Audit Committee of the Board reviews the adequacy and effectiveness of the internal controls and checks and suggests desired improvements from time to time.


The Company values and appreciates the dedication and drive with which its employees have contributed towards improved performance during the year under review. The relations with workers and staff are cordial during the year under review. All issues pertaining to staff matters are resolved in harmonious and cordial manner.


This report contains forward looking statements that address expectations and projections about the future, based on certain assumptions of future events. Companys actual results, performance or achievements may, thus, differ materially from those projected in any such forward looking statements.