KM Capital Ltd Management Discussions.


Indian economy is growing faster than Global Economy and recently it surpassed china GDP growth rate.

The growth is having impact on Domestic and International market. Increasing investment and FIIs will boost capital markets in India.


With the strong growth in the economy, Indian companies are in constant pursuit of value creation. Shareholder value is gaining importance into days times. The pursuit of value creation is leading Indian companies to constantly evaluate alternatives which help meet strategic objectives; be it restructuring of group companies to unlock shareholder value or acquiring/divesting businesses, various strategic options are being exercised by Indian companies.


The financial services industry, both domestically and internationally, is undergoing change that has resulted in increasing consolidation and a proliferation of strategic transactions. This consolidation among our competitors could put us at a competitive disadvantage, which could cause us to lose customers, revenue and market share. They could force us to expend greater resources to meet new or additional competitive threats, which could harm our financial condition and operating results.


Your company is not doing any significant business as of now. We plan to offer arrange of financial services.


According to plans, the company is expected to perform better in the coming years.


We are focused on increasing our business in a profitable manner and capturing the growth opportunities available in the financial markets.


Business is exposed to external and internal risks. Some risks can be predicted and minimized with careful planning and implementing the measures to mitigate them, while some risks cannot be insured against. Your company has been facing many risks including risk to run business due to shortage of working capital. The tight fund situation may affect companys plans to enlarge its business activities. Due to tight liquidity position, we are not able to lay hands on talented people in the industry. The management of your company is planning to leverage their personal assets to raise funds for the company, to overcome this risk.

The domestic market is showing inflationary tendencies. To curb inflation, the Reserve Bank of India can tighten its monetary policy, which can affect company financial expenses. Fluctuation in value of foreign currencies can also affect export plans of the company.


The company is taking various initiatives to increase human resources for better productivity. To save on costs, the company is appointing non-experienced staff and taking initiatives for internal training and development of skills. This will help in enhancing their emotional and intellectual engagement with the company.


Your company had started its business from scratch. To grow it faster, the integrity and ethical behavior of management and employees at all levels and compliance of the laws and regulations is very essential. The systems are being put in place to ensure adequate internal controls in operations of the company. Apart from statutory audit, your company has adequate in-house internal audit practices.


Statements in this report on Management Discussion and Analysis, describing the companys objectives, projections, expectations or predictions may be forward looking, considering the applicable laws and regulations. These statements are based on certain assumptions and expectation of future events. Actual results could, however, differ materially from those expressed or implied. Domestic consumption, price trends, change in government regulations and tax structure can make a difference in companys performance in future.

The company assumes no responsibility in respect of the forward looking statements herein, which may undergo changes in future on the basis of subsequent developments, information or events.