Regent Realtech Ltd Management Discussions.

MODI HOOVER INTERNATIONAL LIMITED ANNUAL REPORT 2005-2006 MANAGEMENT DISCUSSION AND ANALYSIS OPERATIONS: The Company is in the field of marketing of Vacuum Cleaners and Water Purifiers. During the year, the Vacuum Cleaner and Water Purifier sales remained at a lower level than previous year. OPPORTUNITY, THREATS, RISKS AND CONCERNS: The present market of water purifiers is estimated at 6,35,000 units valued at Rs.415 crores and the market of Vacuum Cleaners is estimated at 2,60,000 units valued to be Rs.170 crores. The company has the largest range of Water purifiers and Vacuum Cleaners for all segments, backed by world known Brand Hoover. The company would like to be part of this success by attaining market share of 23% by 2009-10 and plans to achieve turnover of Rs.219 Crores by the year 2009-10. The company during the year diversified into Real Estate and formalised an Agreement providing for working as Project Partner on Commission basis, the details are provided hereunder.